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America First with Nicholas J Fuentes is an American commentary conservative based podcast which livestreams very often. The videos are usually 1 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours long. All of the thumbnails are all the same, but the tittles are different for each video. Nicholas makes community posts which are very well received since there are many likes for these comments, and these community post relate to the next livestream. The show is called "America First", and the show airs Monday through Friday at 7 PM CST, and the content has a webcam with some commentary on a variety of subjects. The default channel banner is being used, and there are other ways of connecting to Nicholas. He has covered James Allsup's deflatforming, and people say that he very far right. Even though the show is called America First, some of the views are similar to Canadian commentator and activist Faith J Goldy's viewpoints. He appeared as a guest in the show "Canada First" by Faith even though it is about a different nation. There are at least 30 thousands views each episode, and there is a large crew working behind the scenes as seen from the IMBD page.

America First with Nicholas J Fuentes terminated by YouTube on February 14, 2020.[1]


Groyper Wars

Although the Groyper wars proved to be a sucess for Nick, alot of controversy was arisen during this period of time beginning in October 2019. In particular towards Nick by mainstream conservative figures like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and other mainstream Republican figures. Nick responded to his many critics by calling them fake conservatives and grifters, accusing them of not conserving anything and being fake with their beliefs. This resulted in significant tensions between mainstream figures and Nick who he called Conservative Inc.

Ben Shapiro

In December 2019, Nick asked Ben Shapiro specific questions while he was at Miami. Ben ignored Nick and due to this encounter, much of the coservative establishment accused Nick of heckling and harassing Ben. Nick counteracted these responses by claiming that Ben used his children and pregnant wife as a "shield" in order to gain pity.

Catboy Kami

In January 3rd, 2020, footage of Nick hanging out with a catboy crossdresser would surface. This resulted in Nick receiving significant criticism amongst white nationalists, members of the Alt-Right, as well as religious conservatives who called him out, accusing Nick of being a hypocrite. Nick's response to his critics was also met by significant criticism while he discussed this on his show. Because of this event, this has become a meme by even his own fans and is occasionally brought up.

Termination from YouTube

On February 14th, 2020 Nick had his entire channel terminated by YouTube for violating their hate speech guidelines. Nick Fuentes would respond to this termination by claiming that mainstream conservatives (Conservative Inc) was responsible for getting his channel terminated and that he knew that his channel was going to get terminated due to his activities in disrupting Charlie's Kirk's TPUSA event. Due to his termination, Nick currently operates on DLive.


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