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Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fuentes (born: August 18, 1998 (1998-08-18) [age 25]), is an American political commentator and internet personality. He is the host of America First (named after Donald Trump's inauguration speech). Nick gives commentary on a variety of subjects and current events. Nick is the founder and president of the America First Foundation and C.E.O of

Fans of Nick Fuentes are called Groypers. The Groypers gained attention after they heckled Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Turning Point USA conferences, as well as an event at UCLA featuring Charlie Kirk, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Donald Trump Jr. Nick and the Groypers also saw an increase in popularity due to their involvement in the Stop the Steal protests against the 2020 Presidential election.

Nick hosts AFPAC (America First Political Action Conference) in February 2020, and AFPAC II in February 2021, where Rep. Paul Gosar was a surprise speaker.

AFPAC III was sponsored by and took place in February 2022, with three surprise speakers, Rep. Paul Gosar, Janice McGeachin, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Former sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers spoke at the event. Nick later held other events in 2023, called "Fuentes Rally". AFPAC IV was set to occur on June 15th 2024, but the event venue cancelled the event, and it was cancelled.

Fuentes' channel was terminated by YouTube on February 14, 2020. [1] However, some of the videos can be seen in the Wayback Machine. His DLive channel and other social media accounts were terminated after media pressure following the 2021 Capitol Riot, although his DLive and Twitter/X accounts were reinstated.

In November 2022, Nick joined Kanye West's 2024 presidential campaign and had Thanksgiving dinner with Ye and former President Trump, which gained significant media attention.

Political views[]

Nick Fuentes has described himself as a Catholic reactionary, and Christian futurist. Fuentes is against what he describes as "the American Regime", which includes the federal government, the federal reserve, the mainstream media, and corporate giants. Fuentes is critical of American foreign policy, believing that the issue to American's is not Iran or China or Russia, it is "the American Regime". Fuentes is against current conflicts in the Middle East, although he has spoken positively about imperialist expeditions during the Age of Discovery.

Socially, Nick is a devout Catholic, and states that America is a Christian nation. Nick is anti-LGBT, calling it a "deviancy", and has criticized Republicans on being too progressive on LGBT rights. Fuentes is also anti-Abortion and anti-Drugs. Nick opposes the Covid-19 vaccine, and has held an anti-vax rally in New York City, wearing a bulletproof vest. He has praised world leaders such as Xi Xinping, Vladimir Putin and the Taliban for their socially conservative and pro-nationalist policies enacted, although praise of the latter two resulted in controversies, as they were responses to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His anti-Israel comments resulted in a former friend repeatedly asking RSBN to fire him in 2017.

Nick firstly supported Ted Cruz in 2016, before switching his support to Trump. He also called Trump a 'borderline racist' in 2015. Despite being a Trump supporter, he has criticized Trump on many issues such as Trump's social policies and his political endorsements of political candidates after leaving office. Fuentes has been extremely critical of the Republican Party, criticizing them regarding issues such as foreign policy, immigration, and social policy. He mocked Senator John McCain and former U.S. President George H.W. Bush in 2018 after they passed away, due to their pro-war stance. He called Trump's 2024 announcement trash and joined the Ye24 campaign as his communications director. He later withdrew his support for Ye due to him having a fashion event where a cross was put on the buttocks of his wife, which he found distasteful and blasphemous. He later said that he did not talk to Ye since that event occurred in May.

Nick opposes the Israeli lobby, and conferences such as AIPAC, stating that they have too much power and influence over elected officials. Nick also opposes Judaism, and stated that denying the divinity of Jesus Christ is worse than denying the Holocaust. Nick is critical of conservative organizations who are Zionist, such as Breitbart, The Daily Wire, Prager U and Turning Point USA, as well as individuals such as Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro.

Fuentes believes immigration should be suspended indefinitely, and that illegal immigrants should be deported. Fuentes states that immigration, both legal and illegal, will cause the demographic and cultural identity of America to change due to this, and that this multicultural change will cause ethnic conflict between groups. Fuentes also states that there is an anti-White agenda committed by the "American Regime", and that this agenda must be stopped. Fuentes is anti-BLM, calling the group "racial narcissists", and has expressed his displeasure about criminal activity in African-American areas.

Nick expresses his displeasure towards women who sleep around in right-wing movements, and famously said 'No E-Girls. Never!', in 2019. This resulted in multiple conflicts between his fans and right-wing women, most notably Lauren Southern. He also has made multiple jokes about women in a negative light.

Personal Life[]

Nick resides in Chicago, Illnois. HE has stated an interest in moving to Florida.

Nick is of Italian, Irish and Hispanic descent. He is Roman Catholic.

Nick graduated from Lyons Township High School, and participated in Model UN competitions.

Nick has a twin sister named Melissa Fuentes.

Nick identifies as an incel, and claims that having casual sex with women is gay.


  • $500,000 was confiscated from his bank account by the FBI.
  • On September 29th, Nick premiered a White Boy Summer documentary, detailing his previous tour of the same name.
  • Nick spoke at Jared Taylor's American Renaissance conference in 2018, calling Generation Z the answer to the Boomer generation.
  • Nick had over 75 million impressions on his Twitter account in January 2021.
  • Nick is a huge fan of Kanye West, and his songs play in the lobby of his show.
  • Louis Theroux made a documentary about Nick and the Groyper movement, as well as the key figures in the movement.