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Amos Doll, better known online as Amosdoll Music, is an Australian YouTuber and musician. He primarily uploads piano tutorials and covers.

About Amos

Amos was forced into classical piano lessons for the starting years of his primary school. In grade 6, he found out that traditional learning from sheet music had limitations.

With help from his uncle who told him that all songs consisted of 3 main music fundamental of melodies, chrods (harmony of notes), and rhythm (timing of notes), that advice helped him work out meloday and chrods without guessing, Amos learned to play his favorite songs on the piano just by listening to them.

In 2006 he started his YouTube channel. After 70 videos he quit YouTube for several years due to his obligation to finish his classical piano diplomas, his senior high school and his university double bachelor degree in accounting and arts.

Besides YouTube, he also works as a keyboardist in professional wedding and functions band. His YouTube carreer also is a fulltime job for him, as he writes sheetmusic and plays music for the piano on payed request.

YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel started in 2006 where he uploaded some piano plays from himself. After 70 videos he quit in 2008. 

In 2015 he came back to YouTube to upload covers of his favorite songs. 

Nowadays he uploads daily and uploads three different form of videos which are the piano cover videos, the tutorial lesson videos and live streams.

The piano covers are requested and payed by people from his channel or website, so the songs are varying from K-pop, to rock and roll, movie soundtrack, TV themes, classical or modern songs, etc. Sometimes he also uploads songs without request. Those are recognizable due to the fact that the camera doesn't show the piano from top, but from the left side, so you can't see the piano keys.

The piano tutorial lessons are also requested and paid by users. These are longer and expensiver. 

The livestreams are every Saturday and Monday starting at 2 P.M., New South Wales Australia Time.

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