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Android Masters Incorporated is a YouTube channel created in 2014 by Shivashish Bhuna and Neil Twyzen, two middle school students at the time. The channel primarily focuses on technology, music and indian-comedy. Technology videos uploaded to the channel gained prominence in late 2015 and that's how the channel kick started itself. 

2016 (More Technology and Music)

KineMaster and Windows Movie Maker were the only editing-softwares available to the makers. They neither had any professional training in this field nor they had advanced knowledge about technology. From the words of the channel's main personality, Shivashish Bhunia, "We were some random noobs stuck up to our computer day and night working without the right equipments and training just to make some videos."

Some of the famous uploads around this time included videos centering around the installation of Lucky Patcher into your Android device, installing Droidboot in Zenfone 5 and Lineage OS in Yu Yureka. In addition to technology the channel also featured NCS music.


Coined as the most productive year of their YouTube business, Android Masters Incorporated began uploading comedy which went viral at times. Their most viewed video, titled 'This Pakistani Reporter Has Won Over The Internet' which earned the channel fame was about a Pakistani reporter who is seen interviewing a couple of random villagers in a country fair. They were asked whether they were lesbians and some other questions which were beyond their knowledge. Subsequently these villagers replied 'Yes' without knowing the meaning of the word 'lesbian'. The video had 632k views before being taken down by YouTube for violating terms. The video was followed by a 'Part 2' and some other comedies.

On April 2, 2017 the channel released another comedy video titled 'yeh bik gai hai gormint returns' which went viral as well. The video was also followed by a sequel. A diss track featuring one of the channel's operator/founder was released in October. The video is often regarded as one of the cringest videos on earth due to it's lack of proper direction. Apart from posting comedy videos the channel featured numerous music videos of 'What The Genre'. It also released original music by Twyzen, Pspmanboy and Coolboyrox. 


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