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En Arg Blatte Talar, (born: 1988 [age 31-32]), better known online as Angry Foreigner, is a Bosnian YouTuber who talks about various social issues in his home country of Sweden. He mostly talks to native Swedish audiences but has recently made videos in English (or with English subtitles) aiming at a Non-Swedish audience.


He was born in Bosnia in 1988 and fled with his family to Sweden when he was only 5. He's since then lived there and has grown tired of left-wing politics in Sweden and now makes videos about it and various other political issues.

Meanwhile in Sweden

His first series, Meanwhile in Sweden focuses on the various political and social situations that Sweden faces. All videos are in English and he often talks about many issues in Sweden such as; Mass Immigration, Left-Wing Politics, the Swedish Government, Officials, and so much more. The series often gives an alternative look into Sweden that is different from the typical praise for its progressive policies and society.

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