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Angry Foreigner, also known as En Arg Blatte Talar in Swedish, is a Bosniak conservative Youtuber & political commentator based in Sweden. He arrived in the country as a refugee in the 1990s, as part of the larger Balkan migration wave due to the Balkan wars. Today he runs the largest political Youtube channel in Sweden.

His political ideology can be described as some form of centrism, which rejects identity politics on both the Left and Right. A political compass result showed him to be left-of-center in economical terms, but his social views typically align with those of a conservative.

Angry Foreigner has spoken out about his autism and Asperger's syndrome, adding that PC-culture makes it harder on autistic people to be understood.

Most of his videos surround various social issues in Sweden, and they vary between spoken English and Swedish. His audience is split between Swedish viewers and foreign viewers located in the United States, England, Brazil, Spain, Russia, as well as neighbouring Scandinavian countries. His Swedish spoken videos usually come with English subtitles.


He was born in Bosnia in 1988 and fled with his family to Sweden when he was only 5. He's since then lived there and has become opposed to the traditionally left-wing politics in Sweden, with the stated reasoning that it's a charade. In reference to the country's global image he often describes Swedish tolerance as a carefully constructed illusion. In reality white flight is very common, housing is segregated according to skin colour, and Swedes rarely have diversity in their personal life. According to Angry Foreigner the Swedish left views immigrants mainly as pets and voting cattle.

His satirical style of ranting has often been compared to George Carlin and Bill Hicks amongst those in his audience. Angry Foreigner has described Sweden as “The China of Europe” in a way to capture the nations cultural tendencies towards “elitism, conformity and state worship”. It is also a reference to the way Sweden's media, according to Angry Foreigner, thinks and acts largely the same.

This has been observed by other journalists as well, including Roland Huntford in the 1971 book "The New Totalitarians", and famous Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg when he spoke of "demokratur". The historical pattern is noted even today across the political spectrum, for example journalist Erik Augustin Palm spoke of similar observation in a Slate article on Sweden's corona response. The phenomenon has been dubbed amongst natives as "Swedish exceptionalism" or "föregångslandet" ("predecessor country").


A common misconception is that Angry Foreigner is against immigration, but he has clarified that he is only against Sweden's specific policies, adding that they hurt immigrants more than Swedes realize. He doesn't mind immigration as an idea “when it's done right”. His main argument against open border policies is that they undermine the working class and create social polarisation by gradually expanding the size of ghettos.

A study showed that 7 out of 10 journalists in Sweden are left-wing and would vote for socialist parties. When Swedish media try associating Angry Foreigner to the far-right, he typically refers to this fact and has countered allegations on his youtube channel numerous times. Adding that it's a similar pattern all across the West, and media in all countries have done similar smear tactics against YouTubers in general, such as Swedish youtuber Pewdiepie. Angry Foreigner views this as part of a larger goal to undermine the new media that is effectively competing with old media.

For example, an interview with Balkan Insight was heavily cut down to imply he's pro-ethnonationalism, when Angry Foreigner's full response to the journalist rejected far-right ideology. Stating:

BI: - "Could you define what makes a country based, and do you think "based" countries are better at dealing with the COVID19 crisis?"

AF: - "A healthy civic nationalism, as opposed to the radical ethnonationalism Far Right and Far Left engage in. Far too often Western media establishments will behave like radical communists, seeking to destabilize their own countries, trying to start a race war, by pitting people against each other. Focusing on who is the “white oppressor” and who is the “brown victim” gives a polarized society. But when you unite people around healthy, cultural ideas, you get a sound base that every citizen can unite on. Family, democracy and respect for society. That's what makes a country based, since these concepts are all inherently connected. “Revolutionaries” rarely have stable family conditions."

Alleged Alt-right ties

The Angry Foreigner has denounced the alt-right on many occasions, including when he debated the leader of Sweden's alt-right Christopher Dulny. He also referred to Alternative for Sweden's party leader, Gustav Kasselstrand, as a “prolapse” in a livestream. Angry Foreigner describes himself as a “cultural nationalist” or “citizen nationalist”, while stating that ethnonationalism is divise and a form of identity politics.

On the 27th of February, 2021, his website published a science-based rebuttal against common alt-right talking points, allowing a socialist debater to nuance the foundational basis for their beliefs.

Media attention after the attack in Trollhättan

On 22 October 2015, the 21-year old student Anton Lundin Pettersson entered an elementary school in Trollhättan, armed with a sword and a knife, and murdered three people: a 15-year old student, a 20-year old teaching assistant and a 42-year old teacher. All victims were of foreign descent and it later became clear in the subsequent police investigation that Lundin Pettersson, who was killed by police, had the stated purpose to die in what's known as a "suicide-by-cop" situation. When investigators looked at personal messages online, it became clear he was deeply confused about his sexuality and suffered from mental instability, including suicidal tendencies. He also blamed the failure of Sweden's migration policies on the attack, which many believe is why he chose an immigrant-dominated school. The full letter has however never been released to the public.

The Swedish media instantly highlighted connections they believed played a role. These include nationalism, anti-feminism, atheism and drugs.

Numerous outlets made attempts to associate Angry Foreigner based on the perpetrator clicking "Like" on a video that was viral at the time, "Welcome to Sweden". They also sought to blame Sweden's third biggest political party, The Sweden Democrats, as well as American gossip-vlogger Repzion, and left-wing anti-feminist The Amazing Atheist, all whom the perpetrator was a fan of. Media articles highlighted anti-feminism, critique against religion and pro-cannabis activism online in connection with "extreme opinions" expressed online by the perpetrator, noting support for cannabis legalization in their articles on the tragedy.

None of this held up or was particularly mentioned in a police investigation. Instead, Swedish police later concluded Anton Lundin Pettersson wasn't inspired by any person.

Instead, what set off the planning for the attack was Anton Lundin Pettersson being denied work after having completed work practice. This was one of many in the long line of disappointments after a lifetime of unemployment, with work practices leading nowhere, forced isolation, mental illness and suicidal & self-harm tendencies. This is when, according to Swedish police, he started blaming immigration.

It was also established by Swedish journalist and author Åsa Erlandsson , who wrote a book on the tragedy, that: "The common red thread going through all lethal violence, from hate crime to gangster killings, is unemployment." She also noted the prime thing to learn from the tragedy was "how involuntary solitude can destroy a person".

Liberal outlet Expressen was most exploitative, according to Angry Foreigner. They published "what's basically the same article" for three years straight, on the anniversary of the tragedy, seeking to blame YouTube algorithms for what happened. This has been highlighted by Angry Foreigner numerous times, as he believes it's part of a larger agenda to undermine YouTube creators, and lobby YouTube into acting like a newspaper publisher - rather than a neutral search engine where viewers get to decide what's relevant and high quality.

Angry Foreigner also stated he had to update his source-list for the "Welcome to Sweden" video later on, because the media ended up proving him right just a few years later. So much he nowadays often uses them as sources. Several mainstream articles now confirm the link to migration and sexual assault in Sweden. In a video, he asked rhetorically: "If they believed my words caused violent actions to happen, then why did they repeat them as "scandal exposé"-articles on their own platforms? Why did they publish my conclusions as truths?"

Angry Foreigner points out that the very same newspapers that blamed him for inspiring hate, will now openly admit to what has long been described as hate. According to him, however, he's always just been looking for a social debate with all the facts laid out on the table.

Celebrity guests

  • Alexander Bard
  • Gad Saad
  • Hanif Bali
  • Ilan Sadé
  • Henrik Jönsson
  • Luai Ahmed


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