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Prashant (born: February 29, 1996 (1996-02-29) [age 24]), better known online as Angry Prash (or just Prash), is an Indian animator and gamer who posts comedy videos on YouTube. Angry Prash is India's first animation YouTube channel.


At school, Prashant used to be an average student whose immediate goal was to secure the first position and grab attention. He understood that to get the attention of others, one has to be at the top. He is an engineering dropout from his college, but an outstanding animator.

The Copyright Strike

Before starting his current channel, Prashant had another YouTube channel where he uploaded AutoCAD tutorial videos. They performed well on YouTube and could gain him some fame and subscribers. But the channel was shut down due to copyright strikes. Though being sad, he didn't let failure stop him from reaching his goal.


He tried many more ways, but all of them failed. So lastly, he started a comedy channel because he knew that if he could grab the attention of users through comedy, they could always be expecting something new from a comedian that could entertain them. So, he started his channel in the name of Angry Prash.

At first, he did not have enough resources that could help him, nor he was a professional animator. So, he started his career with slideshows of his drawings with MS Paint along with a synced voice-over. This quality of him helped reach the milestone of 50,000 subscribers in no time. Prash's commitment towards his viewers of giving them original and entertaining content helped him build the most loyal fanbases of the world YouTube has ever seen.

Later on, he met a man named Sumedh who was a member of the NOFILTR. Sumedh helps Prashant in supplying him resources and marketing. Also, Prashant is a member of NOFILTR. According to him, watching other YouTube comedian often kept him motivated to create something new that could help him grow rapidly.

As he said, while naming his channel, Prashant wanted to name it after him, yet not disclosing his full name on the title. Thus, he used half of his name, and the word "Angry" was fixed because his character would be one of easily gets irritated on stupid matters. Thus came the name "Angry Prash". During the beginning of his channel, his friends and later Sumedh kept him motivated to upload more and more content. At first, he received a strong criticism from his fans due to the strong language he used in his videos. Now, he uses swear words, but less than the level at which used to do the same during his beginning.

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