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Animasinopal has more than One Million Subscribers
Animasinopal has more than Five Million Subscribers
Animasinopal is an Animator
Animasinopal is from Indonesia
Animasinopal is male
Animasinopal created their account in 2018
Animasinopal is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Naufal Faridurrazak (born: November 1, 1996 (1996-11-01) [age 25]), better known online as animasinopal, is an Indonesian YouTube animator who does a web series based on his own comic strip called Si Nopal which premiered on Facebook in July 2015. He has collaborated with other animators such as Dalang Pelo and Sengklekman. The first few episodes of the series premiered on Facebook. Since then, the series has become popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. The most viewed episodes of the series are Lagu Semangat Sekolah yang Aneh (Weird School Spirit Song) and Kisah Aneh sat Berkemah (Strange Story While Camping). The stories usually often follow the lives of the cartoonized Nopal, his sister Cute Girl (a girl so cute, her cheeks cover her entire face giving the image of a pair O' buttcheeks nicknamed Cuty), their lazy father (Abah enol Ram pam-pam), their overworked mother who sometimes appear as secondary character, and their weird cat Caty. The stories will also revolve around Cuty's friends; Uyah (Cuty's BFF), Cute Boy (who's cheeks are like Cuty's and the show's punching bag/ comic relief) and Milos (a lad with a long piece of snot hanging for his nose).