AnimeCenTruL2 focuses on Anime
AnimeCenTruL2 is a Reviewer
AnimeCenTruL2 is a Reactor
AnimeCenTruL2 is a Vlogger
AnimeCenTruL2 is a Commentator
AnimeCenTruL2 is from the United States
AnimeCenTruL2 is male
AnimeCenTruL2 created their account in 2012
AnimeCenTruL2 is a Content Creator on YouTube

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AnimeCenTruL2 is an former American anime YouTuber who mainly does reviews and commentary. His YouTube name based on the famous anime convention hosted in Chicago, Illinois, United States, called Anime Central, or ACEN. He does episode reviews of specific anime, usually new but sometimes old, full series anime reviews, anime first impressions, anime live reactions of both new anime episodes and old anime episodes, anime related rants, anime related discussions, as well as other sporadic related anime videos. He also will occasionally do gaming-related content, but not very often, though. AnimeCenTruL also has an alternate channel called AnimeCenTruL2.

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