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Lewis, better known online as AnimeEveryday, is a YouTuber who makes videos related to anime, weather Top 10 lists, anime reviews, anime season roundups, and several other series.  He has another channel called MoviesEveryday, which is dedicated to him reviewing and analyzing movies instead of anime.  

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Channels & Notable Works


Anime Reviews

A series where Lewis discusses and analyzes anime series and anime movies in depth.  

Anime Roulette

Anime Roulette is a series where Lewis gets a bunch of random anime titles and goes in completely blind, giving his thoughts on them as he goes along.  

History of Anime

History of Anime was a series where Lewis explained the history of anime throughout the decades, starting with pre 1960's, then going to the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and ending the year 2000 to the year 2015.  

Anime Industry Spotlight

Anime Industry Spotlight is a series where Lewis talks about specific individuals and companies within the anime industry.  

Anime School

Anime School is a series where Lewis goes in depth about certain technical topics in the anime industry, such as finding out weather budget matters, if the anime industry truly is dying or not, ect.  

Anime Hanshi

Anime Hanshi is an anime related podcast hosted on AnimeEveryday, usually not going much more than an hour long, along with some of his friends as special guests; the guests usually tend to change between episodes of the podcast.  

Genre Bite

Genre Bite is a series where Lewis takes a look at the history and structure about various genres of anime.  

Under the Radar

Under the Radar is a series where Lewis talks about anime which he feels is underrated or under appreciated and deserves more attention.  

Closer Looks

Closer Looks is a series where Lewis takes a closer look at specific anime series and anime movies, often times going even further in depth than  his analytical reviews tend to.  

Seasonal Anime

Seasonal Anime is a series where Lewis does his first impressions and final impressions of each specific season of anime when the season begins and ends respectively.  


Movie Reviews/Analysis

The only series so far on this channel, in which Lews goes in depth with reviewing and analyzing movies.