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Anime America is an American and Australian collaborative anime critiquing YouTube channel with occasional in-person vlogging run by Robyn, Tara, Hannah, Brad, and Tsumi.

Their YouTube logo consists of a dark blue background checkered by small white stars and one large star in the middle with 2 "A" letters, one is on the top left and one on the bottom left which are red and blue.


  • Although all 5 of them run the channel, Robyn is the one who most frequently uploads videos, with Megan appearing in some videos and the others appearing in a video occasionally.
  • Despite the channel's name, not all the members of the channel live in America. Robyn currently lives in Australia.
  • Robyn has collaborated with a YouTuber named "PhantomStrider" on a video titled "Top 10 Best And Worst Pokemon Movies".
    • Robyn is also a voice actor at Glitch Productions, owned by Luke Lerdwichagul, known online as SMG4 and his older brother, Kevin Lerdwichagul. She voiced Theo, a character on the web-series Meta Runner, and the main protagonist of the fictional game "Ultra Jump Mania".


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