Anthony Hanner known as Somecallmeanthony 13 is a gaming/vlog YouTuber with 1,200 subscribers as of October 4 and has over 190,000 views.


Anthony started his YouTube career on March 4th 2012 with a channel called "anthonyhanner92". He didn't have the best start to making YouTube videos and he only had his phone to make videos with and he had little to no experience with editing and would often steal content off other YouTubers. His channel was hated by many YouTubers such as "Sonicfan4467".

Suddenly Anthony disappeared from YouTube for over a year. Many people thought that he was taking a break and was learning how to edit and to make better quality videos. He had reappeared on November 13th 2012 under the name of "somecallmeanthony12". It turned out that Anthony never knew his email and password for anthonyhanner92 and when ever he went on YouTube on his phone. Anthony reappeared with a whole new style of content and was clearly for the better as he now had access to a computer and had learned how to edit.

His name was also inspired by another YouTuber known as "SomecallmeJohnny".

While the channel didn't start well as he had re-uploaded a video without giving credit. He learn't and had deleted the video and that is when he started doing original good quality content. He had made fan films and did many gaming videos on games such as Sonic.EXE and Minecraft. He had a created a massive fanbase and as of November 2013 he had 337 subscribers and 107,000 views. 

He has his own Minecraft/channel mascot his fans know as Sir Anthony Tuxedo.

His most popular video has over 56,315 views and 157 likes while his second most popular video has 51,836 views and 178 likes.

Anthony also has a clan channel called "TRUExTuXeDo" where he makes compilations, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8. Anthony also has a Minecraft roleplay series called "The Island"

The roleplay is about Anthony's character from his World of Wonder series getting abducted and sent to an island called Lian Yu and it is up to Anthony to find his dogs and survive. Voice auditions are now available for Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). Somecallmeanthony 13 is also working on a new show called "The Sir Anthony Tuxedo Show" it is an animated show on Mine-imator and an episode will be around 11 minutes long. The show is expected to be released in late 2017.

The show will also have a voice cast for the characters and voice auditions are available for Sonic,Tails, Knuckles, Elisa and Cream. Amy has been taken by WiseMiner06.

The Sir Anthony Tuxedo Show - Sneak Peak 2

The Sir Anthony Tuxedo Show - Sneak Peak 2

The Island - Stranded (2) - Season 1 Sir Anthony Tuxedo

The Island - Stranded (2) - Season 1 Sir Anthony Tuxedo

Recently, Anthony has been playing a much bigger variety of games on his channel such as Overwatch and Dead Or Alive 5. H
The Island - Lian Yu (1) - Season 1 Sir Anthony Tuxedo

The Island - Lian Yu (1) - Season 1 Sir Anthony Tuxedo

is videos are becoming far more professional than ever. Every video are around 10-20 minutes long. All of them are atleast 1080p and 60 FPS and his layout in his videos are now really well set out. A thumbnail is made for every video and as of April 2017, Anthony has over 1,130 subscribers and over 169,764 views. Anthony also uploads on a regular basis and usually uploads weekly but he has taken breaks due to a sore throat and Anthony didn't want to be coffing in his videos all the time so he took a week's break.

As of now it seems that he has taken a massive step in making sure his content is the best quality he can possibly make it but what is in store for the future of his channel? I guess we have to wait and see!

Anthony has also been experimenting with his style of content. He will now post a large variety of content. Ranging from gaming to reaction videos or vlogs!

Anthony now uploads on a regular basis with rough
WHY I LIKE SONIC! Sir Anthony Tuxedo

WHY I LIKE SONIC! Sir Anthony Tuxedo

ly 2 uploads every week!