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Anti-Defamation League shortened as ADL is an American hate-watch organization that was founded by Jewish people in the early 20th century, and they are one of the arbitrators in deciding if an incident or a person is hateful. Some of the videos are a representation of the ADL in the media such as deciding on an incident to see the hate in the content by a group representative. There are some animated infographic videos informing people about hate in English and Spanish, and there are other educational videos with a speaker from the organization.

Some of the videos are from a national leadership summit which ranges in length based on the topic, and there is a very liberal bias in the videos.

Comments, likes, and dislikes seem to be disabled on all of their videos, but there is no stated reasoning for the disabling of these features. However, it is possible that there was a large outrage against the organization due to some controversy especially from conservatives and more moderate people.

Some of the videos have closed captions, and there is an official video for the organization as the channel trailer along with "Fighting Hate for Good" appearing on the channel banner.

Despite having a relatively low subscriber count, the ADL is verified with a checkmark. The original name of the organization was Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and there are public subscriptions to left-winged channels such as Mashable, YouTube Social Impact, Seeker, etc.

ADL was apparently blackmailing PewDiePie, leading to the fans warning Felix that ADL was blackmailing him, much to the dismay of PewDiePie.

Another case of ADL going after a YouTuber such as James Allsup and other more conservative commenters, and the affected users have made neagtive reactions towards the ADL.

The ADL is subscribed to some major channels such as Mashable, YouTube Social Impact, Christian Picciolini, Seeker, USC Shoah Foundation, etc., and all of these channels are left-leaning in nature.

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