Antigamerkid Music is a Musician
Antigamerkid Music plays Video Games
Antigamerkid Music was born in England
Antigamerkid Music created their account in 2019
Antigamerkid Music is a Content Creator on YouTube

Antigamerkid MuSIC is a music, gaming and entertainment YouTube channel, Antigamerkid MuSIC often makes videos related to the YouTube Hacker Group, Project Zorgo, Sometimes even, Anonymous, Their description is "Antigamerkid MuSic is the best channel for Music, Gaming and Entertainment, Feel free to subscribe!" They were born in United Kingdom and Antigamerkid MuSic made a channel on 2016, It got 100 thousand subscribers, Then it got terminated for copyright issues, Antigamerkid MuSIC makes content once a week usually! or twice.

Doomsday Date Event

In the couple of months before the Doomsday Date on November 3, 2018, a type of event where millions of YouTube channels will be hacked and will be locked out permanently or having all of their videos deleted, therefore shutting down YouTube, Project Zorgo posted the video about the decoding of the passcode to the Doomsday Date. Many YouTubers who were supporting Project Zorgo have solved the passcode of the Doomsday Date, in a form of a code CLOCKTOWER2018, and it was previously proven that it was scheduled to take place on November, but no actual day has come up. PZ Leader had given out his phone number in the new video (#702-907-0653) to find out the missing day of the Doomsday on Nov. 2018. The clue on the phone number consists of 5 things: Thomas JeffersonNew JerseyPlanet EarthLeather and Gemini. On one video posted by PZ1/Daniel in his YouTube channel Exposing Project Zorgo, he did call PZ Leader's phone number and figured out the meaning of the clue and said that Thomas Jefferson is the 3rd president of the USA, New Jersey is the 3rd state to receive statehood to the USA on Dec. 18, 1787, Planet Earth is the 3rd Planet from the Sun in the Solar System, and he proved that it was November 3, 2018. Upon finding out about this clue, and especially the Project Zorgo members, it's YouTube supporters, including Shivraj Bannerjee, had decoded the passcode that Daniel did change before, Daniel had previously attempted to log in and try to change the passcode again, but it was already too late to do so, and he was locked out from the code to prevent further change. He went on to explain the situation before finding out the Doomsday Date, such as discovering the true, good intentions of Chad Wild Clay about making family-friendly videos, when Daniel saw a Craigslist ad about needing help from professional lie detectors to track down hackers, and the ad was signed by Chad Wild Clay, and after that, he wanted to warn Chad and Vy about Project Zorgo, but fearing for blowing up his cover, he began writing out written notes and clues on paper, and when he got to Chad and Vy's old house in Los Angeles, he placed his notes in random, and hidden places, as a way to communicate and warn them. Although his plan worked, he was caught by Project Zorgo, and as a result, he immediately quitted Project Zorgo, and the hacking organization branded him as a traitor, and it was until 2019 when Daniel began to go undercover in Project Zorgo, for Chad and Vy to gather information.

On October 18, 2018, Project Zorgo has initiated a test of the Doomsday Date, shutting down the majority of the website, with only it's Trending page spared from the attack. It was only successful for 1 hour and 2 minutes until YouTube was able to rectify the situation. In the video message posted on their own channel following the event, they stated that it was only a test, and claimed that a real one will occur, only this time, the software engineers will be unable to fix the situation.

Later, on November 3, 2018, in the last moment, before Doomsday Date would begin, Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel PZ1, and the targeted channels, and other supporters have stopped the Doomsday Date by typing the passcode that Vy Qwaint has discovered in PZ Headquarters. They were able to successfully destroy Project Zorgo's ability to shut down YouTube by typing Zorgo DIffuse in the comments section by over 1,000,000 times in many videos, which led to the subsequent plan of arresting Chad WIld Clay and framing Vy and Daniel for cybercrime, as retaliation from the PZ Leader.

Although many targeted channels began returning to their usual lives and began uploading normal videos afterwards, Chad, Vy, Daniel PZ1, and later, Regina PZ4, and Melvin PZ9 are still making their attempts to end Project Zorgo / Antigamerkid entirely and to prevent any more YouTubers being affected. The long-affected targets will then go on trying to infiltrate Project Zorgo/Antigamerkid using a variety of ways, most notably, going undercover, eavesdropping their conversations, fighting hackers, hacking, and more. It is unknown if either Chad and Vy and the Spy Ninjas or Project Zorgo are winning in the conflict

As of the 1st Anniversary since the beginning of the Doomsday Code test, there are no plans posted in Project Zorgo channel regarding a 2nd Doomsday Event.

Doomsday Date Duration: October 15-November 3, 2018. Antigamerkid MuSIC is blamed to be the leader of Project Zorgo by many, But nobody has CLEARLY confirmed this, Antigamerkid MUSIC hates Antigamerkid Team which is CONFIRMED to be Project Zorgo.

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