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Anthony Vargas (born: July 25, 1999 (1999-07-25) [age 20]), better known online as iMyApple, is an American YouTube Vlogger. He was born in the bay area of California, and has lived there for his whole life. Anthony has an older brother, and a cat, who makes frequent apperences in his videos. He currently has 4 YouTube channels, only of which 2 he publicly shares (iMyApple, iMyApple2.)

YouTube History 

Anthony first discovered YouTube in the summer of 2009, at 9 years old. Since he discovered it, he wanted to make videos and post them on the site. He never got permission from his parents. About a year later, he claims to have given in and made the channel without parental consent. Anthony created his YouTube account on September 11, 2010. He posted many weekly videos, but became inactive after a couple of months. He was 11 years old. Anthony resumed making frequent videos on a separate, now deleted channel called TechBombAnt, which was a tech channel. Anthony got up to 200 subscribers on that channel by June 2011 but stopped making videos yet again. He again resumed the making of YouTube videos on July 24, 2013, on his iMyApple channel. He later announced that he would now post videos every Wednesday. His videos are in the vlogging/entertainment style and takes inspiration from YouTubers like jennxpenn. Anthony follows YouTube video bloggers like The Nive Nulls, The SHAYTARDS, and Samika Vlogs. </span>

Currently, Anthony doesn't follow his Wednesdat schedule as he used to, and just posts every week.


  • For vlogging, Anthony uses a Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS. 
  • For main videos, Anthony uses a Nikon D3100. 
  • For editing, Anthony uses iMovie on an iMac. 


Anthony's videos are usually 2–5 minutes long, while his gaming videos are 10+ minutes. Anthony usually doesn't collaborate, but when he does, it is a one way collaboration with his friends, usually Edgar. Chris (SpeedyGgamer,) also appeared in TIN CAN CHALLANGE. 

Anthony has said that he wants to begin doing daily vlogging, but that he needs to find time and "an actual somewhat interesting life" to do so.

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