Apandah is a Commentator
Apandah creates skits and sketch videos
Apandah is a Musician
Apandah is an Artist
Apandah is an Animator
Apandah is from the United States
Apandah is male
Apandah created their account in 2015
Apandah is a Content Creator on YouTube

apandah (born: September 19) is an American meme commentary channel known for creating over-edited, often cynical comedy videos, taking a different approach through a weird persona and wacky editing. His videos often try to shine a light on how dumb and interesting some trends and topics can be.


apandah is a pop culture youtuber, but a non-traditional one. His content mainly focuses on the bad and the stupid parts of the internet, providing various insights and comments on the current trends of youtube. Aside from topic driven commentary videos, he makes music, animatics, and other various styles of video.


Uganda Knuckles

Unarguable is the fact that the video Uganda Knuckles was one of the main reasons why apandah has managed to amass as many followers as he has currently. Made on January 7, 2018, the video is over 30 times more viewed than any other video he has uploaded and is a main contributor to his success on the platform. The video was a view/satire of the late 2017/early 2018 meme 'Ugandan Knuckles', which stemmed from videos made of the popular VR game 'VRCHAT'. Through the video apandah was able to obtain one hundred thousand subscribers.

Funny Cats

A popular inside joke on the channel is about how apandah should make a 4th installment to his funny cat series. In these videos he discusses and talks about funny cat images, which contrasts from his typical edgy cynical persona. The first funny cats video is one of the most popular videos on his channel.

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