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Apetor has more than One Million Subscribers
Apetor is a Vlogger
Apetor is from Norway
Apetor is male
Apetor created their account in 2006
Apetor is deceased
Apetor is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Eep eep!

―apetor's catchphrase

Tor Echkoff † (November 22, 1964 - November 26, 2021 [aged 57]), better known online as Apetor, was a Norwegian YouTuber. He was recognized as a person who performed extreme activities like ice skating on thin ice and ice water bathing.


Most of his videos revolve around him drinking Vodka at the start or end of his videos, but his channel is more similar to that of an comedy channel.


Echkoff uploaded his first video on October 11, 2006 titled "In my boat", where he drove his boat. In 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer.[1].


5 days after posting the video "I am Not Dead, I am 57 Today", he died by drowning after falling into the icy waters of Jakobs Dam in Norway while recording a video.[2]


  • "I am Not Dead, I am 57 Today" (last video before he died)[3]

Channel milestones

Subscriber milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: December 13, 2020


  • He worked at a Jotun paint factory in Sandefjord.
  • The vodka he drank in his videos is the Vikingfjord brand, though he said that he was not being paid by them.[4]
  • He had a minor role in a Norwegian movie called Lange flate ballær III and had a dedicated to in the credits