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Wayan Pariasta Bendesa (born: February 19, 1997 (1997-02-19) [age 23]), better known online as appabend, is an Indonesian YouTuber best known for his satirical commentary in regards to video games and Anime, in particular, regarding left-leaning coverage from sources such as Anita Sarkeesian, Kotaku, The Mary Sue, and the sort. He also has discussed GamerGate in his videos.


His first video was a tutorial for Sony Vegas titled "Camstudio Settings for Sony Vegas" It was released on January 11, 2011. Until July 29, 2012, the majority of his content consisted of software tutorial videos.

He then later moved on to gaming. Quickly after he started making gaming videos, he stopped making them and instead chose to make review videos that can still be seen from him today. He did occasionally make tutorials, but things got interesting when he uploaded his first anti-feminist/anti-social justice video on March 1, 2016. The subject was Fire Emblem: Fates vs. censorship that was a criticism of a "petting your spouse" minigame in the game. He goes on to explain how censorship is ineffective and not necessary.

From then on, his channel increasingly moved to become more of an anti-SJW channel rather than a review one. It has become his main type of content as of now.

Evolution of Appabend Avatars

As of now, Appabend has had three virtual avatars made to represent him when he speaks in his videos.

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