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Apple Explained is an American YouTube channel created by Greg Wyatt Jr. He posts product reviews, slides showing mainly Apple products but has done phones from other brands, information, and his opinions about Apple. He posts videos about things that have happened to Apple like the trade war between China and the United States and how that is affecting Apple.


The channel was created on August 30, 2008, but wasn't very active. The first post was on November 1, 2008, and was a clip of Steve Jobs giving a presentation. After that, he posted slide shows Apple products every few years.

Live Streams

Greg hosts live stream on his YouTube channel every week at 10 PM, EST unless there is something going on. They usually last an hour. Surprise live streams are not common but they may be the day of an Apple event like WWDC and the September event. Live streams are streamed from his home but currently, he is in Japan and uses high rise buildings as his background.


  • It was revealed in a community post he is gay.
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