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Ar'mon Rashard Warren (born: May 18, 1997 (1997-05-18) [age 23]) and Treyvion Levell Traylor (born: November 25, 1998 (1998-11-25) [age 21]), better known collectively as Ar'mon And Trey, are the members of an American YouTube channel which consists of original music and music videos, singing covers, pranks, and vlogs.

Before YouTube

Ar'mon Warren and Treyvion "Trey" Traylor are brothers who were born one year, six months, and one week apart in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The two have been singing since they were three and four years old, and would sing at their local church. They have been close friends with Queen Naija and her ex-husband Chris Sails since they were teens, and even lived with them at one point.

They lived in Atlanta, Georgia at one point while growing up.


Warren and Traylor have a mother named Shiquita Hathaway, and different fathers. They have four sisters who are also Hathaway's offspring: Mea Ellis (b.1996), Shaniah Traylor (b.1999), Erin Hathaway (b.2012), and Erianna Hathaway (b.2016).

Ar'mon has half- siblings on his father's side which include Keelan Paul, Tyler Stewart, Mya, Dwight Burton, "Day Day" Burton, K. Burton (from the "KB AND KARLA" YouTube channel), and other sisters and brothers. Ar'mon has a daughter named Legacy Warren (b.2020). Legacy is Shiquita Hathaway's first grandchild.

Trey shares a father with his sister Shaniah. They have other half-siblings and/or cousins which include Billy (b.2000), Kam, Jaden (b.2002), Nakiyah (b. 2005), Iyanna (b.2005), Zoey (b.2007), Aaliyah (b.2008), Riley (b.2011), Chase (b.2011), and Ryder (b.2015). Traylor is expecting his first child (a girl), with his girlfriend in November 2020.

Ar'mon and Trey also have a sister named Erica Hathaway and a nephew named Jayce King (b.2018). 

Humble Beginnings on Social Media

The two brothers were users of the defunct "Vine" social media platform, where they would post videos of themselves singing covers to R&B songs as far back as 2014. The two amassed nearly one million followers before the platform shut down in Winter 2017. They then built a large following on Instagram after that.

At one point, Ar'mon worked at an iHop restaurant, and Trey worked at a daycare center. The two decided to quit their jobs so that they could focus on building their music careers as full-time.

YouTube/Music Careers

Starting Out

After joining YouTube on December 28, 2014, Ar'mon And Trey didn’t post their first video titled, “Ar’mon And Trey - The Same (So Gone Challenge) ” until August 26, 2016. On December 8, 2016 they posted their first singing mashup video where they covered lines from Drake’s song “Fake Love”, Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”, Beyonce’s “Sorry”, and Usher’s song “No Limit”. They went on to post more mashup videos to their channel, which received millions of views, Their most popular singing mashup video is their “Kiss it Better”, “Ooouuu”, “Hold Up”, and “No Problem” mashup video, which has over 21 million views as of this writing. They performed a  singing mashup with Alex Aiono on his channel.

They refer to their fanbase as #ArmyTroops.
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 9.49.10 PM

Ar'mon Warren.

First Singles and Subscriber Boom

In 2017, the two brothers moved to Los Angeles, California, where they lived for six months. They released their first official song, "Breakdown" in 2017. The music video for the song was released on May 13, 2017, and as of April 2020, the video has over 16 million views. They released three other singles titled "Bags Right ", "Drown " and "She For Everybody " the same year.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.50.17 PM

Trey Traylor.

Ar'mon and Trey then moved to Houston, Texas in Summer 2017, where they collaborated with other YouTubers who were all signed under DeJeanine "Janay" Brockman (the ex-manager of D&B Nation) for a little over two months. They collaborated with YouTube creators Queen Naija, Chris Sails, Perfectlaughs (now known as "Lil Perfect", or "Jazz" from "Jazz and Tae"), Iamjustairi, Josh Massey (from "JOSH'S LIFE" and the defunct "Bros4Reel" web group), Taylor Girlz, and Em & Von. They participated in pranks and vlog videos by the other creators, and also posted lots of pranks on their own channel such which raked in views and subscribers. Their first prank video titled “CUTTING OFF MUSTACHE PRANK!!!! ” was posted on July 10, 2017. Some of their most successful prank videos that were posted to their channel around this time are "EXTREME SHAMPOO PRANK ON AR'MON!!! (Goes Crazy) ", "EXTREME SEIZURE PRANK!!! ", and "I LIKE YOU" PRANK ON PERFECTLAUGHS!!! (KISSED HER) ".

By August 2017, Ar'mon and Trey reached 1 million susbcribers. The collaborations really helped their channel grow at a faster rate--they gained 375,503 subscribers in that month alone.

The two created their own personal instagram accounts around this time too.

Ar'mon and Trey bought their first home together with their friend Jazzmine Hood, A.K.A Perfectlaughs (now known as" Lil Perfect", or Jazz from "Jazz and Tae") in Houston, Texas in August 2017. Perfectlaughs' girlfriend Je Taejalin "Tae" Caldwell moved in with them a few months later.

They recorded a song with Chris Sails and Queen Naija titled "Used To Be ", which was posted to Chris Sails' YouTube channel on September 6, 2017. The original video was deleted from Sails' channel on May 1, 2020, but re-uploads of the song by others still remain on YouTube.

After some controversy which took place within the group of YouTube creators, Warren and Traylor seceded from Brockman's management.

Ar'mon and Trey had their first tour which took place from November 17th to November 19th 2017, with tour dates in Chicago, Illinois, Cleveland, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan. Some other acts that were performing on this tour were "99 Perent", Lucki Starr, and "TheBombDigz".


They posted a video to their channel where they performed a remix of Queen Naija's hit song, "Medicine"  alongside Naija.

Getting Signed, and New Opportunities

In January 2018, Ar'mon and Trey signed to Warner Music Group.

Warren and Traylor were featured on Chris Sails' song "Letter To My Ex ".

The duo released a single with R&B singer Queen Naija titled, "No Strings " on March 4, 2018. The only major platforms that the song is available on are YouTube and Soundcloud.

First EP and Fever Tour 2018

They dropped their first EP, titled "Long Story Short" on June 8, 2018, which was followed by "Fever Tour", their first national tour. The tour included the following artists as opening acts: The Bomb Digz, Lucki Starr, Nick Lavelle, and Stangenius. The tour ran from June 16th to July 29, 2018. They did a prank on their fans at their tour date in Boston, Massachusetts. The prank was included in a video on their channel titled "PASSING OUT ON STAGE PRANK ON FANS AT OUR CONCERT IN BOSTON!!! #FeverTour ", where Trey acts as if he has fainted while performing on stage.

Back to Atlanta

After their tour, they moved with their mother and younger sisters to Atlanta, Georgia. The two re-located for more opportunities for their music careers. A few months after, Ar'mon and Trey got their own apartment in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia.

They re-kindled their friendship with the rap duo/YouTube creators "Taylor Girlz" months before participating in YouTube video collabs with them from July 2018 to April 2019.

The brothers partook in the "Must Say Yes for 24 Hours challenge" which had surfaced on YouTube, in a video titled, "MUST SAY YES FOR 24 HOURS CHALLENGE!!!!!! (TREY HAD TO RUN OUTSIDE N.A.K.E.D) ".

In 2018 and 2019, Ar'mon and Trey partnered up with Fresh Empire (a company which encourages teens to live tobacco free), and performed at a few of the company's events in places such as Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California (twice), and Detroit, Michigan.

On October 4, 2018, Ar'mon and Trey released a single titled, "Right Back ". Unfortunately, the video got deleted for copyright (even though their channel was the official channel for their music). They reposted the audio on October 6, 2018. The original upload was also restored. They recorded part of the process of themselves writing the song's first verse and chorus in a video titled, "FLOP OR BOP CHALLENGE!! (WROTE A NEW SONG IN 20 MINUTES) FLOP OR BOP?" They also uploaded the instrumental of the song to their YouTube channel and started the #RightBackChallenge, where fans would record their own freestyle rap over the song's original beat in their own videos. They said that three creators of the best challenge videos would be invited to be on set for the official music video of the song. They also reposted some of the best videos to their joint Instagram page. A remix of the song featuring NBA Youngboy was released on January 15, 2019, along with the official music video for the song.

Hoaxes and End of the Duo?

On the night of December 3, 2018, Ar'mon's Friend Josh Massey (better known as JOSH'S LIFE on YouTube ) posted "R.I.P. Ar'mon" to his Instagram story. Ar'mon and Trey's sister, Shaniah Traylor also made an "R.I.P." post, which caused fans to think that it was true that Ar'mon was gone. After that, friends and fans of Ar'mon sent out their condolences. The following morning, Ar'mon posted an apology letter stating that he was perfectly fine, and the reason why his friend Josh made the R.I.P. post was because he made a bet with Josh saying that if he outlived him in the game "Fortnite", he'd give Josh $1000, and if not, Josh would have to tell Ar'mon's mother that he was dead and Ar'mon couldn't say anything for 4 hours. He claims that they weren't going to follow through with the bet but they still did it. Ar'mon also said that what he did was childish and he learned his lesson, and he's truly sorry for what he did.

Their fans were shaken up once again on December 5th, 2018, when Ar'mon and Trey posted to Twitter saying that they would be splitting up. Ar'mon even leaked a snippet from a song that he recorded solo. Days later, they cleared the air in a deleted video titled "ARE WE GOING SOLO?", where they revealed that they were not going to split up, and were simply irritated with each other that day--considering how they're around each other frequently for work and at home. Ar'mon also apologized again for faking his death.

After the controversy, Ar'mon and Trey unfortunately lost over 10,000 subscribers, after recently hitting the 3 million subscriber mark. They eventually gained the subscribers back.

BIG Changes

In February 2019, Ar'mon and Trey traveled to Katy, Texas to reunite with their friends/former housemates Jazz and Tae. They participated in a video on Jazz and Tae's channel titled, "TIN CAN CHALLENGE FT. AR'MON AND TREY *GONE WRONG* ". They also pranked Jazz in a video on their own channel titled, "MAGIC MIKE PRANK ON PERFECT LAUGHS!!!! ".

Warren and Traylor were featured on Vedo's song, "Talk Yo S**t ", which was released on February 28, 2019.

Trey was featured in the music video for Taylor Girlz's song "Late Night Snack ", which was released on March 15, 2019.

The two brothers shocked their fans on April 23, 2019 when they went public with their relationships on Instagram. Ar'mon was dating Amari J. and Trey got into a relationship with Yessenia "Senia" Lopez. Trey and Senia started dating in April 2019. Ar'mon did not reveal how long he had been dating Amari. They introduced their girlfriends to their YouTube subscribers in a video titled, "MEET OUR GIRLFRIENDS AMARI & SENIA!!! (TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE)".

In May 2019, Ar'mon and Trey dropped another single titled, "Just In Case " ft. Yung Bleu.

On June 21, 2019, Ar'mon and Trey performed at BET Experience for the very first time at The NOVO in Downtown Los Angeles. Other acts that performed on stage that night were Project2one5, Tank, Lucky Daye, Jamie Foxx, Eric Bellinger and Jacquees. The performance and its preparations were posted in a vlog on their channel titled, "OUR FIRST TIME PERFORMING AT BET!!!! (FULL PERFORMANCE) ". This particular event was where they first did a live performance of their song "Just In Case". Ar'mon Warren participated in the celebrity basketball game on June 22, 2019 at the BET Experience FanFest.Team Fisll-- the team that Ar'mon played on won the game and won money for charity. He played alongside other celebrities such as rapper "Blueface",  rapper/YouTuber "DDG", singer "Eric Bellinger", and actor "Miles Brown". Ar'mon and Trey also attended the BET Awards.

On July 4, 2019, Ar'mon revealed in an Instagram live video that he broke up with his girlfriend Amari, because she was cheating on him with a "washed up rapper", according to Ar'mon. This was not Amari's first incident of infidelity--in May 2019 she was caught communicating with her ex.

Ar'mon's Happily Ever After

A couple of weeks after Ar'mon's breakup, Ar'mon and Trey's older sister, Mea Ellis flew out his ex, Esmeralda "Essy" Gonzalez (whom he talked to for nine months back in 2018 before dating Amari) from California to try and get them back together in a now-private video on her YouTube channel. Less than two weeks later, his brother Trey flew Essy back out to Georgia again and put Ar'mon on a blind date with her. During the date, Ar'mon and Essy talked things out, agreed to keep in contact with each other, just go with the flow, and be best friends. Footage from the date is in the video, "I SET AR'MON UP ON A BLIND DATE!!!! (WITH HIS EX)". Ar'mon and Essy did a Q&A video which was posted on August 31, 2019 titled, "ARE ME AND MY EX DATING??? (FIND OUT THE TRUTH)". On September 21, 2019, a video titled, "SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!" was posted to Ar'mon and Trey's channel, which revealed that Ar'mon's new girlfriend Essy
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 11.31.57 AM

Ar'mon, Essy, and Legacy.

 (whom he had just started dating earlier that month) was two months pregnant. Gonzalez moved to Atlanta to live with Ar'mon, and the two started documenting their relationship and Essy's pregnancy on "THE WARREN FAMÍLÍA " channel, which was formerly Essy's personal "mamii_es" channel. They have also done pranks and challenges on the channel. Ar'mon and Essy moved out of the apartment that they were sharing with Trey and his girlfriend, and moved into their own penthouse in December 2019. After Essy was in labor for 6 hours with a fever, and a two hour C-section, Ar'mon's daughter Legacy Dior Warren was born on April 5, 2020, nine days premature--but healthy. 

More Collabs and Separate Channels

In August 2019, Ar'mon and Trey did their first collab with Actor/YouTuber "Deshae Frost". They participated in two videos on Frost's channel, and posted a prank video on their own channel titled, "TAKING YOUR 15 YEAR OLD SISTER TO SWEDEN TO MARRY HER PRANK ON DESHAE FROST!!! ".

Ar'mon and Trey started posting more content to their other channels and hadn't posted to their joint channel in months. Trey has a channel called "Trey Traylor ", and Ar'mon continues to post content to him and his girlfriend's joint channel, "THE WARREN FAMÍLÍA ". In an Instagram live video, Ar'mon and Trey revealed that they started posting content to their personal channels to keep fans entertained, and plan on posting music on their joint channel in the future. They always emphasize how they are R&B artists first and foremost.

Their last prank that was ever posted on their joint channel, "GETTING A MASSAGE FROM A MAN PRANK ON AR'MON!!! (HE THOUGHT IT WAS A WOMAN) ", was posted on November 11, 2019.

They appeared on lougotcash's "Thing For You (Remix)" alongside Coi Leray, which was released on November 15, 2019.

Entreprenurship and New Music

On February 8, 2020, Trey released a skincare line called "Treu Skincare ", which has products to treat and prevent acne.

On April 24, 2020 Ar'mon and Trey posted a lyric video for their new single "All 4 U ". The song was quietly released on April 12, 2020 on Spotify only. The day that the lyric video was released, the song became available on all streaming platforms.

The duo plans to release more singles and a new album in 2020. In 2019 they announced on social media that they would be releasing more new music that year but never did. Without getting into detail, Ar'mon and Trey later explained that the reason why they hadn't released the new music earlier was because of some things that they couldn't control. But now they are in control of the music releases. They have used some snippets of their unreleased songs in some of their YouTube videos in the past. These songs include "Chanel" ft. Queen Naija, "Issa Mood", "Let Me Know", and "Blessing". The titles of these songs have not been confirmed. Another unreleased song which has never been leaked to the public is "Balenciaga Mama".

They recorded a remix to Kayla Nicole's song "Edible", but it has not been confirmed that the song will be released, even though Ar'mon and Trey's full verses from the song were leaked in a now deleted post on Trey's personal Instagram.

Ar'mon and Trey revealed through social media that they would have another tour after they release all of their new music. But the tour has most likely been put on the back burner due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and due to the postponing of new song releases.

In an Instagram live interview with Hot 107.9 ATL which took place on May 21, 2020, Trey revealed that he and Ar'mon are currently independent artists, which could indicate that the two are probably not signed to Warner Music Group anymore. They plan on releasing at least two singles during late Spring and/or Summer 2020.

Moving Back to Texas

Ar'mon and his girlfriend Essie purchased a house in Katy, Texas (which is located right outside of Houston)  and moved there with their daughter in May 2020. Trey also purchased his own house in Houston. They now live in the same city as their friends Chris Sails, Jazz and Tae, and Jordan Lacey again.

Deleted Videos

The following list consists of videos which were made private or deleted from Ar'mon and Trey's channel.

  • "SUICIDE PRANK ON BROTHER!!!! (EXTREME)" - While staying at Sour Patch Mansion in California for business, Trey pranks his brother Ar'mon by acting as if he is going to kill himself. He tells Ar'mon that he's tired of seeing the negative comments from haters on social media talking mess about him, and says that he's going to commit suicide. Ar'mon comforts Trey and reassures them that they're going to be alright, etc. Trey also pretends to cry, gets a knife out of the kitchen and claims that he his going to stab himself, and hangs from the balcony of the house and threatens Ar'mon that he is going to let go and fall into the ditch. Ar'mon pleads him not to let go, as he tries to pull Trey back up onto the balcony. At the end of the video, Ar'mon and Trey talk to viewers about how suicide is not a joke. In an interview with, Ar'mon and Trey revealed that the police were called on them after Trey did that prank.
  • "STORY TIME: THE TIME WE GOT CAUGHT STEALING AND WE TO JAIL!!" - Ar'mon and Trey do the "Try Not To Laugh Challenge" with water, where one brother would fill their mouth with water and not swallow it, while the other one would tell the story of how they got arrested and jailed for stealing from Walmart when they were teens. If the brother with water in his mouth spits the water out, he has to continue telling the story where the other brother left off, while the previous storyteller sits with a mouth full of water.
  • "Q&A: ARE WE REAL BROTHERS?"- Ar'mon and Trey answer fan questions.
  • "Ar'mon and Trey - Bags Right (Official Audio)" - The official audio of Ar'mon and Trey's song "Bags Right".
  • "COMING OUT THE CLOSET PRANK ON BROTHER" - Ar'mon pranks his brother Trey and company by putting on a dress and claiming that he is gay (which he is not).
  • "WE CUT UP PERFECTLAUGHS SUPREME SLIPPERS" - Ar'mon and Trey cut up their friend Perfectlaughs' "Supreme" brand slide sandals. Perfectlaughs is furious, annoyed, and wants to retaliate. Ar'mon and Trey act toolish, lie to her and tell her that they didn't cut the shoes up, and foolishly reassure her that the shoes are still wearable.
  • "Ar'mon and Trey - She For Everybody ft. Lil Perfect" - A visual for the song "She For Everybody" which was a response to the Taylor Girlz's diss track "Ion Mess With You". The music video was deleted in 2019 because of a copyright claim. The song's beat was originally a royalty-free beat. The song remains on streaming platforms, and the music video was re-uploaded by another user. The re-upload has over 537,000 views.
  • "SURPRISING BIG BROTHER WITH HIS DREAM CAR!!!" - Trey surprises his brother Ar'mon with a new car, a day after Ar'mon bought one for him for his 19th birthday. This video is still available on Ar'mon and Trey's official Facebook page.
  • "COMMITTING SUICIDE OVER 2K18 PRANK!!!!"- Trey pranks Ar'mon and acts as if he is going to commit suicide. Ar'mon is playing his NBA 2K18 video game. Trey asks Ar'mon if he can play the game with him. Ar'mon tells him no. After Trey turns the game console off to annoy his brother, and his friend Perfectlaughs telling Ar'mon he should let Trey play, Ar'mon finally agrees to let him play the game--but tells him to prepare to lose. Ar'mon beats him in the game, and Trey pretends to get frustrated and upset. He whines about how he's tired of losing. He has a hissy fit and falls to the floor, bangs his head on the wall repeatedly, and acts possessed, while Ar'mon gloats about how he won, and laughs at Trey in disbelief. Then Trey escalates the situation by going upstairs and hangs off of the side of the bannister of the balcony over the living room and threatens to let go. Ar'mon and Perfectlaughs tell Trey to get down--and Ar'mon even runs upstairs to get Trey back up.
  • "CAUGHT HAVING S3X IN YOUR BED PRANK ON PERFECTLAUGHS!!!" - Ar'mon and Trey act as if they are sleeping with a woman in their friend Perfectlaughs' bed.
  • "BEATING UP YOUR GIRLFRIEND PRANK ON PERFECTLAUGHS" - Ar'mon and Trey team up with Perfectlaughs' girlfriend Tae, who pretends that Ar'mon and Trey are physically abusing her as Perfectlaughs first walks into the house. Chaos ensues afterwards.
  • "Caught In The Shower With Jazz and Tae Prank on Ar'mon" - Ar'mon Walks in on Trey in the shower with Jazz (Perfectlaughs) and her girlfriend Tae.
  • "FINDING OUR DREAM HOME PT. 2!!!! (ME AND AR'MON ARE IN A DISAGREEMENT HELP US DECIDE!!!)" - Ar'mon and Trey coninue their house hunt and take a tour of two more houses that are on the market.
  • "GIANT SPOON CHALLENGE!!! (CEREAL EDITION)" - Ar'mon and Trey attempt to eat cereal and milk out of  large bowls with a large spoon in a certain amount of time.
  • "THE BEST R&B BABY MAKING SONGS PLAYLIST (EXTREMELY FUNNY)" - Ar'mon and Trey dance and sing along with some of their favorite R&B songs.
  • "WHO'S THE FREAKIEST BROTHER CHALLENGE" - Ar'mon and Trey answer sexual questions that were asked by their fans.
  • "ARE WE GOING SOLO?" - Ar'mon and Trey clear the air for their fans after allegations that the duo was splitting up.
  • "COMING ON TO YOUR WIFE PRANK ON TAYLOR GIRLZ DAD!!!!"- While at the Taylor Girlz house, Ar'mon and Trey compliment the Taylor Girlz' mom in front of her husband, who does not take their comments towards his wife lightly.
  • "DISRESPECTFUL KIDS PRANK ON MOM!!!!!" - Ar'mon, Trey, and their sister Shaniah act disrespectful towards their mother. Trey rubs lotion on his mother's ottoman and gets chased around the house by her, Ar'mon knocks down the christmas tree, and more. The video was deleted less than 24 hours of being posted.
  •  "ASKING "DO YOU REMEMBER ME" ON RANDOM PEOPLE IN PUBLIC!!!!"- Ar'mon and Trey walk the streets of Downtown Atlanta and ask random strangers if they remember them from the past.
  • "CAUGHT IN THE SHOWER WITH TAYLOR GIRLZ PRANK ON ARMON!!!!"- Trey gets caught in the shower with the Taylor Girlz by Ar'mon. He overreacts and calls him and Trey's mother into the bathroom to see the three guilty individuals wrapped up in towels.
  • "I PUT MICE ON MY BROTHER IN HIS SLEEP!!!!" - Trey puts mice on Ar'mon while he is sleeping. Ar'mon wakes up slightly terrorized by the mice and tells Trey to get them off of him.
  • "I PUT ICY HOT IN AR'MON'S BOXERS!!!! (EXTREMELY FUNNY)" - Trey puts "Icy Hot" joint cream in Ar'mon's underwear. As the cream starts to burn and become unconfortable, Ar'mon starts to panic and thinks that he has a disease.
  •  "BEING ANNOYING WALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE IN PUBLIC!!! (MUST WATCH)"- Ar'mon and Trey venture through Downtown Atlanta with the Taylor Girlz where they abruptly cut in front of people while walking.
  • "UNFURNISHED HOUSE TOUR"- Ar'mon, Trey, and Trey's girlfriend give viewers a tour of their new apartment. The landlord made them remove the video because Trey was acting provocatively in it.
  • "SHE GAVE ME H3AD INSIDE THE UBER PRANK!!!!"- Trey and his girlfriend act as if they are performing sensual acts in the back of different Uber rides.
  • "EVIL TWINS WINS BRAND NEW IPHONE 11,SHE ALMOST FAUGHT BOONDOT" - Ar'mon and Trey's younger relatives from Michigan are visiting them in Atlanta, and this vlog video chronicles some of their continued activities.


The following are some phrases that Ar'mon and Trey would frequently use.

  • "Representing that Trey!" -Trey
  • "I like it!" - Ar'mon
  • "Boi boi!" - Ar'mon
  • "Yo wassup you know what I'm saying, you're listening to smooth Trey have a good day, you know what I'm saying? Representing that Trey!" -Trey
  • "Treezy eating it easy." -Trey
  • "They back on YouTube!" - Trey
  • "Facts!" -Ar'mon
  • "Aww Hell naw!" -Ar'mon


  • Ar'mon and Trey dislike their song titled, "Bags Right". In a tweet, they revealed that they outgrew the song. The official audio of the song is no longer available on their YouTube channel, and they no longer perform the song at concerts.
  • Ar'mon is brothers with Macomb Community College basketball player Dwight Burton.
  • In the past, the two dated Instagram dancers Em and Lex in 2016. Trey dated Emily (Em), and Ar'mon dated Alexus (Lex).
  • Em and Lex aren't the only sisters that Ar'mon and Trey have dated. In 2017, they dated twin sisters Angelina and Angellica. Ar'mon dated Angelina and Trey dated Angellica. The two collaborated with them in a video titled "WHAT'S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE!!! *EXTREMELY FUNNY *".
  • They have releasesd some songs which were partially written by Ne-Yo ("Drown") and Eric Bellinger ("Bags RIght").
  • Trey Traylor's personal YouTube channel once acted as the duo's vlog channel. It was first called "MonDog and Treezy Life" and was created on September 30, 2017. The channel was renamed "Ar’Money and Treezy LIFE" in September 2018  after nine months of inactivity. The channel currently has over 495,000 subscribers as of this writing.
  • Trey's celebrity crush is Beyoncé.
  • Ar'mon enjoys playing basketball and videogames during his spare time.
  • Trey wants to have 3 or 4 children.
  • The two are good friends with R&B Singer/YouTube creator Queen Naija.
  • Ar'mon and Trey wear a size 10 in men's shoes.
  • Trey was born on Thanksgiving in 1998.
  • When Ar'mon was born, his arm broke and he died after he was born before being revived.
  • Ar'mon and Trey look up to Chris Brown as an artist.
  • Trey had braces for five years. He had them removed in September 2019.
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