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Hi, Girlfriends and Boyfriends! I'm Arielle! I'm the best friend you've always wanted.

―Arielle Scarcella

Arielle Scarcella (born: July 19, 1986 (1986-07-19) [age 33]) is an American lesbian YouTube comedian. Scarcella, based in Brooklyn, New York. Scarcella is also founder and director of "Project Toasty", an online, interactive, creative outreach program.

Arielle is known for strong influence on the LGBT+ community while incorporating her humorous nature into her videos. She regularly does collaborations with many other LGBT YouTubers, including: ElloSteph, BriaAndChrissy, and Hartbeat. Her videos focus on the much discussed topic about being a lesbian. She incorporates humor into each video in which she often jokes about her being able to solely wear a bra because she is a lesbian.

She makes a new video every Sunday.

She is also part of the trifecta YouTube channel known as GirlfriendTV.

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