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Arlo (birthday: October 31) (also known as ArloStuff), is an American YouTuber. He started YouTube on November 14, 2014. He mainly makes video game reviews and often talks about Nintendo. He also has a second channel Arlo Whatevz but it is not active.


Arlo is a happy and positive person. He is optimistic about most of his favorite video game franchises and simply rants about franchises he dislikes.


Arlo is a Blue puppet. He has two beady eyes (black) and shaggy hair (blue). Arlo has no nose or ears.


  • Arlo got a lot of attention from working with Lockstin from Gnoggin.
  • Arlo has two favorite colours, green & blue.
  • Arlo had a cameo appearance in another YouTube series The Mo Show.
  • Arlo held an event titled Arlopalooza in October 2017.
  • Arlo heavily resembles Cookie Monster from Seasme Street, they could be the same character, or twin brothers.                                        
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