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Arlo (birthdate: October 31) (also known as ArloStuff) is an American YouTuber. He started YouTube on November 14, 2014. He mainly makes video game reviews and often talks about Nintendo.


Arlo is a happy and positive person. He is optimistic about most of his favorite video game franchises and simply rants about franchises he dislikes.


Arlo is a Blue puppet. He has two beady eyes (black) and shaggy hair (blue). Arlo has no nose or ears.


  • Arlo got a lot of attention from working with Lockstin from Gnoggin.
  • Arlo has two favorite colours, green & blue.
  • Arlo had a cameo appearance in a YouTube series named The Mo Show.
  • Arlo held an event titled Arlopalooza in October 2017.
  • Arlo attended Sac Gamers Expo 2016 & Sac Gamers Expo 2017.
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