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Arthur TV is a English commentary YouTuber known for his light and entertaining commentary and calm husky voice. Arthur's content varies greatly, but which is often placed over clips of reality TV accompanied by comically-timed movie and meme splices. Arthur is also known to upload videos exploring topics in greater depth such as YouTube news, drama, and criticism. Arthur TV's real identity is unknown, but he has confirmed that his name is Arthur and he has just completed a law degree at university and is now undertaking an LPC (legal practice course), with the aim of becoming a solicitor.


Arthur TV began his YouTube career with a bootleg version of Cowbelly's Comment Awards, uploading 13 episodes of 'Arthur's Memes' - a series of text-to-speech meme videos.

Once he had reached 1,000 subscribers, Arthur started his YouTube commentary career in September 2018 with a commentary video on popular reality TV show 'Airline UK'. The video gained millions of views and got Arthur his first several thousand subscribers.

He would go on to make it into a popular YouTube series under the title 'AIRLINE PASSENGERS LOSING THEIR SH*T', leading him to reach 10,000 subscribers just a few weeks later on 15 October 2018.

By 31 December 2018, Arthur had gained over 18,000 subscribers and had branched out into YouTube news (such as reporting on Shirakko's temporary channel ban) and other reality TV shows (such as To Catch A Predator and 90 Day Fiancé).

In 2019, Arthur also began producing Reddit videos, with his first video covering the top posts of the week from the r/EntitledParents subreddit.


1,000 subscribers - 6 July 2018

5,000 subscribers - 25 September 2018

10,000 subscribers - 15 October 2018

15,000 subscribers - 28 November 2018

20,000 subscribers - 6 January 2019

30,000 subscribers - 23 February 2019

40,000 subscribers 14 March 2019

50,000 subscribers - 31 March 2019

Social Media 

Arthur can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat under @imarthurtv, and on instagram as @arthurtv

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