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Jonathan Miller (born: May 7, 1987 (1987-05-07) [age 31]), better known online as AsKaGangsta is an American born YouTuber known for his Omegle pranks and trolling videos who currently lives in Germany. AsKa currently has 1.3 million subscribers and 120 million views.


While hanging out with friends, someone mentioned about the site. He instantly loved it, and liked that he could watch all these videos on one site. He then wondered how he could make videos. Then he had the idea to take his Gangster image and make funny, positive videos.

Personal Life

He was born in Mississippi, his mom is Italian, but was born in Germany and his dad was an American who was in the Army and was stationed in Germany. When he was three, he and his family moved back to Germany.

When he was 4, his parents got divorced and his father moved back to the United States. When he was 15, he moved back to America to live with his father after not doing to well in school as he would get bad grades and skip to only want to hang out with his friends.

After moving back to America, he continued to go to school, but when he was 18, he dropped out. Him dropping out of school caused him to have a big fall. He soon started to only want to party and drink. He was soon kicked out of his fathers house and was forced to move into friends house and then he joined a gang. After someone threatened his life, in 2011 he moved back to Germany. He then got a job working at a factory. He said all of this in his "Draw My Life" video.


  • He has an older brother.
  • He did a face reveal for 1 million subscribers