Asdfmovie's 10th installment


The asdfman.

asdfmovie is a YouTube cartoon series created by YouTuber TomSka. It so far has 11 installments along with 2 deleted scenes videos and a sponsored video for the Marmite hate party.


The first known thing about asdfmovie is that Tom originally created a character called asdfman. Tom said in his asdf origins video that he got the asdf in the name by slamming a keyboard.


The series would go on to be extremely popular since the 4th installment, with many animators and guest voices leading the way of the popularity. There was a song in the 10th installment called "Beep, Beep, I'm a Sheep!" Which went on to be really popular. Getting a comment edition, a remix by The Living Tombstone, and even one of the special songs in Just Dance 2018.


The "I like trains" kid

A boy who can only say "I like trains". Whenever he says this, a train appears. There is a song about him [1]

The "Do the Flop" Guy

A man who invented "The Flop", which is a dance move consisting of falling face-first on the floor. When he says "Everybody do the flop!" everyone does the flop. He also has a song [2]

Mine Turtle

A turtle with a button on his shell. When the button is pressed, he explodes. There is a song about him [3]


Mine Turtle


A muffin who expresses a desire to die/be eaten. Phrases include "Why won't you let me die!", "Somebody kill me!" and "It's muffin time!"


The muffin.

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