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Ashley Smode, better known online as Ash100HD, is an English YouTuber from the county of Surrey, near London, UK.


Ash created his gaming YouTube channel on August 29, 2011 - the day before he uploaded his very first video 'The Boss,' a Black Ops Montage. It wasn't until he discovered the art of gun syncing that his channel began to grow in subscribers. After 4 years of steady increase, Ash has amassed 120,000 subscribers as well as 11.5 million upload views on his channel. Some of his most popular videos have been featured on larger gaming channels such as videogames and gotdrums as well as the YouTube homepage. The dubstep band Modestep also featured one of ash's videos in which he utilised their song 'sunlight' on their facebook and twitter pages.

Ash has now began uploading occasional vlogs to accompany his call of duty gun syncs, and there are rumours of plans to introduce commentaries, real-life syncs, pranks and even a potential second channel to his YouTube journey.


  • Over 30 years has been spent on Ash100HD video playback worldwide.
  • Ash's top 5 most-subscribed countries are USA, Germany, Brazil, UK and Russia.
  • Ali-A is subscribed to Ash100HD. They are also from the same area.
  • Ash's most viewed video; Bangarang Gun Sync has over 610,000 views.
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