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AugieRFC is a Commentator
AugieRFC is a News Channel
AugieRFC is from the United States
AugieRFC is male
AugieRFC created their account in 2018
AugieRFC is a Content Creator on YouTube

Augustus Marks (born: June 29, 2001 (2001-06-29) [age 20]), better known online as AugieRFC, is an American YouTube drama streamer and commentator. He has connections to DramaAlert, Sky Does Everything, Nicholas DeOrio, and Sive. Augie has a running podcast with co-host Bowblax.

On November 12th 2021, Nick Fuentes announces that Augie will have a streaming channel on his website, starting the next day.


The AugieRFC (originally named AugieRFCtv) channel was created on August 23rd with no uploads for around 3 weeks until the first upload 'hello'. This first video detailed why he had created it in the first place and the three main things he would do with it.

The AugieRFCtv channel was created for the 'hardcore of the hardcore' fans of the original channel Red Fox Comms to subscribe to. At the time, Augie was a small Twitch streamer playing Fortnite and doing IRL to an average of 3 viewers, as he references in multiple future livestreams. Red Fox Comms' views were dropping and subscribers had been stagnant for 2 weeks. He also tells the three main reasons of the channel's creation at the time.

  1. Rambling on topics that wouldn't fit with the main channel audience of Red Fox Comms
  2. Stream VODs for Twitch
  3. Emergency channel in case of a channel termination/Twitch ban

The first episode of RFC After Hours was released on January 28, 2019.


On December 3rd 2020, AugieRFC was accused by Def Noodles of being a fascist. Augustus invited Dennis to his show[1] to talk about the allegations. Later Dennis retracted his claim, saying that he wasn't the one who called Augie a fascist, it was his character Def Noodles instead. Despite this, his response was criticized by both his and Augie's fans.


  • "Child abuse live on twitch."
  • "Reinforce your door."
  • "KNEEL."
  • "AIDS."
  • "Excuse me."
  • "Woah that was NUCLEAR."
  • "BOW DOWN."
  • "Degen."
  • "My Pause game is on point."
  • "All of your favorite youtubers are all Pedophiles."
  • "All my quotes are aids. They're not even real."
  • "Drown."
  • "Comedy Is Dead"
  • "Satire is Dead"
  • "Criticism is Dead"
  • "Its All Rape Now"
  • "I can't just boot up a creative world and build Auschwitz or something like that."
  • "That’s actually a good question, how old is he."
  • "Is he?"
  • "He's retarded! :)"
  • "Hahahahaha"
  • "Wait, mental or medical conditions?"
  • "There ya go."
  • "Dishonorably discharged from depression."
  • "Cry about it."
  • "I wanna call and report in on a power dynamic."
  • "Why do they always do that one?"
  • "Excuse me, I have a hostage situation to report."
  • "Harder, daddy."
  • "I don't think you're getting any pussy, Colton."
  • "It's literally all Colton."
  • "Yeah, Lt Cobra is a great guy."
  • "People add me on Discord all the time. I deny them all. I hate it."
  • "There's nothing she hates more than whites and Asians. Now, being a proud representative of both..."
  • "I like tits, pussy, ass, AND gays."
  • "I'm going to say the n-word and you're going to LIKE IT, WHORE."
  • "You're a Pedophile!"
  • "I think you got me on a couple technicalities." (X20)
    • "I'm more optimistic than people think."


  • He is half German from mother side.
  • He appeared on the fifth episode of the Half Baked Podcast[2]
  • He loves classic rock.