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Erin Wayne (born: July 6, 1990 (1990-07-06) [age 29]),[1] better known online as Aureylian or Aurey, is an American gaming commentator and an active member of the MindCrack Server. Aurey's earliest gaming experiences include family boardgame nights and arcade games such as PONG, as opposed to handheld gaming consoles such as the Game Boy. Her dad says "[Aurey] was destined to become a geek."


Aureylian was born and raised in St. Louis, where she still currently lives. She is employed by Twitch and runs the Minecraft Partnership Program. The handle Aureylian is based on "Aurelia", the name of a ship in Fool's Gold. Aurey double majored in college, hoping to finish school as soon as possible. She graduated in 3.5 years and has a degree in non-profit administration and a degree in corporate communications.

On 5th October 2016 Aureylian posted the video WHY IM LEAVING YouTube. where she reveals that she will no longer be posting gameplay on her YouTube channel, with her gaming videos moving to her Twitch channel, and in future her YouTube channel will focus on vlogs and challenge videos that were previously featured on her AureyIRL channel.


  • She’s 5'4 feet tall
  • She is divorced and has a daughter who is referred to as Boo (which Aurey has explained that she doesn't disclose any personal information about Boo for her Daughter's Privacy as explained in her F.A.Q. Section of her Twitch channel ), with whom she had a MC Let's Play series.
  • She has a vlogging channel, named AureyIRL.
  • You can write to her at PO Box 522 Grover, MO 63040.
  • Her star sign is Cancer.
  • She is a former member of the HermitCraft server.


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