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Austin Evans has more than One Million Subscribers
Austin Evans has more than Five Million Subscribers
Austin Evans has more than One Billion Views
Austin Evans plays video games
Austin Evans makes technology videos
Austin Evans is from the United States
Austin Evans is male
Austin Evans created their account in 2007
Austin Evans is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hey guys, this is Austin.

―Austin Evans

Austin Evans (born: August 22, 1992 (1992-08-22) [age 29]), formerly known online as duncan33303, is an American YouTuber from California. His videos are about upcoming or popular technology, including phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and headphones. Austin has two YouTube channels, Austin Evans and This Is.


Growing up, Austin loved anything that had to do with tech. He was passionate about computers and technology, and he loved playing Pokémon on his Gameboy. He also loved telling stories, and he would spend time after school writing everything down and creating. 

However, because Austin was shorter and smaller than the other kids, he was picked on by one of his classmates - Mike. Even though they were the same exact age and in the same grade, Mike was a full foot taller than him. One day, during recess, Mike approached Austin and started teasing him. Austin responded by calling him names, too, so Mike started chasing after Austin. With nowhere left to run, Austin climbed on top of the jungle gym - leaving him completely trapped. Mike pulled him off and threw him right onto the ground. Their teacher happened to watch the entire fight, so even when Austin and Mike tried to act like nothing had happened, there was no use - they were busted. 

When Austin's mom found out about everything, she was furious. She decided the best thing for Austin would be to pull him out of school and begin homeschooling him. Austin was so bummed that he had to leave his friends and school. 

With so much extra time at home, Austin turned to his stories. As soon as his studies were over, he rushed to his family's computer and began typing away. A bit of a nerdy newb, he became completely invested in his stories and writing, and he dreamed about becoming an author. 

Then, once his family got the internet, everything seemed to change. For the first time, Austin was able to share his stories with people all around the world through social media. He discovered YouTube and began narrating his stories and uploading videos. It was a very exciting time for him, and he felt like he was a part of an awesome community. 

After chatting with friends online, he was introduced to something completely new - tech videos. He remembered how much he loved tech - like when he would play with his Gameboy back at school - and it inspired him to test out the waters. He began uploading tech videos and was even able to turn it into a full-time career as a YouTuber, and one of the true techies.

When Austin looks back on the past today, he realizes how differently his life would have been if it weren't for Mike, that fateful day on the playground and homeschooling - how he can say a playground fight changed his life.

Subscriber milestones

  • 4,000,000 subscribers: January 10, 2020[1]
  • 5,000,000 subscribers: May 10, 2020[2]