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AuthenticGames has more than One Million Subscribers
AuthenticGames has more than Five Million Subscribers
AuthenticGames has more than Ten Million Subscribers
AuthenticGames has more than Twenty Million Subscribers
AuthenticGames has more than One Billion Views
AuthenticGames plays video games
AuthenticGames is from Brazil
AuthenticGames is male
AuthenticGames created their account in 2011
AuthenticGames is a Content Creator on YouTube

Marco Túlio Matos Vieira, better known online as AuthenticGames, is a Brazilian YouTuber who primarily makes Minecraft and Roblox videos. He began making Roblox videos in May 2018, and before this, he used to upload mainly Minecraft videos.


AuthenticGames started his channel in 2011 when he met the work of another YouTuber who made videos about Minecraft. Vieira stated, “I was fine at my house in BH, got my phone to watch some videos on YouTube, saw Monark and got interested in Minecraft. After watching it, I became interested in his style and then started recording my videos". After overcoming the challenge of reconciling his high school morning classes with the early hours of the morning recording the videos, he decided to leave his parents' house and move to Sao Paulo eight months ago. The reason for choosing the state capital, according to him, was the proximity to some references from the environment, in addition to the best offer of internet connection.


AuthenticGames sometimes makes clickbait thumbnails. For example, one of his videos titled "FUJA DA GRANNY, ELA NÃO PODE TE PEGAR NO ROBLOX !! ( Com Minguado )" (meaning "RUN FROM GRANNY, SHE CANNOT CATCH YOU IN ROBLOX! (With Minguado)"), the thumbnail shows him in a Granny obstacle course but in the video, there are no obstacle courses related to Granny, only a game related to Granny that has no relations to them.


  • AuthenticGames released an autobiography in February 2016.
  • AuthenticGames is a college dropout.
  • For the future, Marco Túlio intends to launch a comic book about the channel's content.