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Authentic Zack, formerly ecwcwwe, is an American YouTube Gamer who launched his channel back on March 3, 2006, but began let's playing back in 2009. He prides his channel on let's playing only blind let's plays, with Jak and Daxter being the only non blind let's play he's ever done.

Friends & Other Lpers

  1. Yeousch
  2. FiveDayGamers
  3. Lugmilord
  4. Chronham
  5. OTG

Let's Plays

Normal Let's Plays

  1. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: Kaizo Returns
  2. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: The Switch Quest
  3. Let's Play Munchables
  4. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: The New Switch Quest
  5. Let's Play Adventures of Darwin
  6. Let's Play Tokobot
  7. Let's Play Kameo
  8. Let's Play Darksiders
  9. Let's Play Little King's Story
  10. Let's Play Mini-Ninjas
  11. Let's Play Mark of Kri
  12. Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels
  13. Let's Play Fairy Tail Fights
  14. Let's Play Sly Cooper and the Thievieus Raccoonus
  15. Let's Play Ratchet and Clank
  16. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: The L Collection
  17. Let's Play Costume Quest
  18. Let's Play Enslaved
  19. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: Bowser's Valley
  20. Let's Play Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice
  21. Let's Play Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  22. Let's Play inFAMOUS
  23. Let's Play Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
  24. Let's Play Super Mario World Rom Hack: Mario and the 8 Jewls
  25. Let's Play Disney's Epic Micky
  26. Let's Play Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando
  27. Let's Play Maximo vs. Army of Zin
  28. Let's Play Jak and Daxter and the Precursor Legacy (only non blind let's play)
  29. Let's Play Darksiders 2
  30. Let's Play Deadly Creatures
  31. Let's Play Playstation Allstars Battle Royale
  32. Let's Play Whiplash
  33. Let's Play Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal
  34. Let's Play Costume Quest 2
  35. Let's Play Ratchet: Deadlocked
  36. Let's Play Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
  37. Let's Play inFAMOUS 2

Live Plays

  1. April's Variety Cast

Games He Wont' Let's Play

  1. As stated before, Zack won't let's play any games that he has played before (again, the only exception is Jak and Daxter), because he likes to show his raw game play as he learns how to play the game.
  2. Zack won't let's play movie based games, due to the simple fact that he fears receiving copyright strikes on them from the movie owners.
  3. Zack won't let's play any games where the main appeal is sandbox or open world, because he prefers to have an end goal to the games he plays.
  4. Zack won't let's play first person shooters, as he only likes to play FPS games on a computer with a keyboard.
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