Avxry has more than One Million Subscribers
Avxry plays video games
Avxry is from the United States
Avxry is male
Avxry created their account in 2013
Avxry is a Content Creator on YouTube

Avery Lopriore[1] (born: April 22, 1997 (1997-04-22) [age 24]), (formerly Faze Avxry) better known online as Avxry, is an American YouTube gamer, streamer and a professional Fortnite player who currently resides in New Jersey.


Avery was a GTA and Call of Duty YouTuber before Fortnite's release. He made partial success back in 2017 and gained about 100,000 subscribers from it. Ever since the release of Fortnite, Avery fully changed up his channel and moved on to Fortnite, and became a professional player. He streams Fortnite at least 6 times a week and about 20,000 people watch his stream. He has collaborated with other Fortnite streamers that also help boost his channel. He also got stream raided by Ninja that successfully brought Avery up to 1 million subscribers.

FaZe Clan

On June 23, 2018, Avxry was announced that he was a member of FaZe Clan during a Friday Fortnite tournament as a Director. During the time Avery was in FaZe, he was invited to the FaZe house in California thanks to FaZe Banks (Owner of FaZe Clan). When Avery arrived, he was given a set-up of the bat to resume his streaming and YouTube career while at the house. Avery went back home to New Jersey in January 2019 to see his family. Because of Avery's friend, Andrew, of illness, Avery wanted to stay home so he can have friends and family near-by to see and felt more relaxed living the life-styled at his home town. Avery started to have less energy into thinking that he is a 'FaZe member', so he decided to contact FaZe management and asked to leave the clan in June 2019 in good terms.

On April 13, 2018, Avxry was accused of saying the N word on stream[2]. After immediately getting backlash from his chat, Avxry defended himself by saying he only called the other player "stupid". However, ever since ending the stream, he permanently deleted it[3] while his other streams are still on his channel, but set as unlisted.


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