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AwesomeSauceFilms, or simply ASF, was an American YouTube channel created in the year 2008. The first upload on the channel was posted on January 13, 2009 and since then they had posted Call of Duty content. But on November 29, 2012, they stopped uploading videos and they only uploads to their side channels, which eventually became their main channels. The last video to be uploaded was on September 20, 2016

AwesomeSauceFilms was run by BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, Nooch, Hippoloqqih, Fatlessmoon, and Alex.


This hashtag became popular when ASF went into "hibernation" because many fans were wondering why they weren't uploading anymore. They said that Call of Duty wasn't fun anymore for them so they stopped, but they said they would continue in the summer of 2013, and it never happened since their main channels were doing so well.

Many ASF fans blame SkyDoesMinecraft for the cause of ASF going into "hibernation". Because when TheBajanCanadian, NoochM, and JeromeASF started posting Minecraft videos, SkyDoesMinecraft started to record with them and being one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, Sky got them more and more subscribers hence giving them fame and by the summer of 2013 Mitch and Jerome had 1,000,000 subscribers. Since they are so occupied with Minecraft, they stopped AwesomeSauceFilms. 


On March 16, 2015, a video was posted on AwesomeSauceFilms entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen" and was Zak and Mat (former members of ASF) playing CS:Go. In a prior battledome on Mitch, Mat, and Jerome's personal Minecraft channels, they had stated that they would talk about ASF and on PeteZahHutt's twitter, Pete stated that he had asked Mat to film with Zak. Shortly, the video was removed from the channel. Then someone hacked the channel and unprivated "Ladies and Gentlemen." They claimed that they wanted to protect the channel but then they started uploading videos trying to get views. People started to hate on the videos and they deleted the videos.

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