Axzyte plays video games
Axzyte is an Animator
Axzyte is from India
Axzyte is male
Axzyte created their account in 2017
Axzyte is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Axzyte is an Indian YouTuber known for his comedic gaming videos. Axzyte created his account on September 2, 2017, and his first video was "What it feels like to get Amazon Products for free" (Uploaded on September 4, 2017). He was noticed by ForcePlayz, another YouTuber who posts similar content. ForcePlayz saw that Axzyte was not as famous and so he asked his subscribers to go subscribe to Axzyte, then Axzyte boosted in popularity.


  • His inspirations are PewDiePie, Emma Watson, BB Ki Vines, CarryMinati, Angry Prash, Logokas, and ForcePlayz.
  • His favorite food are pizza, noodles, vada pav, and fries.
  • He enjoys listening to rap battles.
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