Ayden Mekus has more than One Million Subscribers
Ayden Mekus makes prank videos
Ayden Mekus is a Reactor
Ayden Mekus is a Vlogger
Ayden Mekus is from the United States
Ayden Mekus is male
Ayden Mekus created their account in 2018
Ayden Mekus is a Content Creator on YouTube

Ayden Mekus (born: August 2, 2005 (2005-08-02) [age 16]) is an American YouTuber known for appearing in Dhar Mann's videos. He also is a former member of Piper Rockelle's Squad.


He started out making low effort vlogs. He then began acting in Dhar Mann's videos, and even started uploading episodes and bloopers of his videos himself. He would then make vlogs of his own life[1] and would sometimes involve his mother and girlfriend in them.[2] He got famous when he would reacted to his own videos on Dhar Mann's channel,[3] sometimes even involving other Dhar Mann actors.[4]

He likes making "prank videos" that imitate the popularity of YouTubers like Morgz and Brent Rivera, like "Flirting With Piper Rockelle To See How My Crush Reacts **SHE GOT JEALOUS** | Ayden Mekus"[5] and "BEING MEAN To My BEST FRIENDS To See How They React **EMOTIONAL PRANK**😡 | Ayden Mekus".[6] A lot of his pranks involve making his girlfriend feel jealous by flirting with his crush, other girls or Piper Rockelle.

Apart from that, he vlogs and makes storytime videos[7] about his life.

Personal life

Ayden was born in Northern California and spent most of his growing up years on Coronado Island, California. He began his acting career by starring as the lead role in The Lilac Thief, and went on to star in El Fred, Critical Candle, Utensils, Mr.Strange, Chocolate Chip Cookies and To Smell the Roses.


  • He is good friends with fellow Dhar Mann actor Devon Weetly
  • He started acting on Dhar Mann's videos in August of 2019.
  • He left Piper’s Squad in July 15, 2021

Subscriber milestones

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  • 500,000 subscribers: February 1, 2021
  • 1 million subscribers: April 16, 2021