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*Cough* *Cough* I...I do voices

―Azerrz' Intro

Arif (born: April 15, 1994 (1994-04-15) [age 26]), better known online as Azerrz, is an American YouTube personality that does voice interpritations of famous characters such as Ted, Cleveland Brown, and Barack Obama. He has even went on to create his own character called Vinny Luco, who is an Italian mob boss.


He has started to do voices for one Donald J. Trump, and other characters. He makes videos of him voice trolling people on games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II, GTA V, or plays by himself on games like Resident Evil VII, and Far Cry. He warns viewers at the start of each video that strong language is included, so that no children are able to watch his videos. Azerrz has published some vlogs and animated videos on this channel. Azerrz now has over 3 million subscribers and 260 million video views, and has started doing new voices like Pennywise, Lil Yachty, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


  • "What the hell was that? Sounded like a drunk capybara." (Obama)
  • "Ever heard of a spaghetti bl*wjob?" (Vinny Luco)
  • "Damn nature, you scary!" (Cleveland Brown)
  • "This f*cking controller's so f*cked up 'I love you!' Oh, sorry about that." (Ted)
  • "SCREW ANDRE!" (Cleveland Brown)
  • "You're fourteen? You sound like the f*cking Allstate guy, fourteen?" (Ted)
  • "For thousands of years, this element has proved powerful in millions of situations. Nothing can withstand the power of fire! Fire! Fire! Momma!" (Cleveland Brown)
  • "The white side of me kicks in every morning at 10 AM. The black side comes in around 10 PM, so right now, my n*gga. I'm sorry but frankly I don't know what the fuck kilobyte means." (Obama)
  • "You went from someone who was like 'Good morning, America. Thank you for being the, uh, American people' to 'Good morning everyone, I just had Folgers coffee, great coffee, not as good as Trump coffee though." (Ted, Obama, and Trump)
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