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Dezmond Castner, better known online as Azuriteraction (also known as Azuriteblogs and AzuriteTY), is an American YouTube drummer, vlogger, and gamer. He has 3 channels. He was born and raised in Indiana, and moved to Modesto, California in 2010.



Dez's main channel, AzuriteReaction, had nearly 100,000* subscribers. He is well known for his crude commentary of the game Facade, which he still plays on his new channel. The channel is no longer active, although his videos are still on it.


Dez's second channel is focused mainly on vlogs, however, some of his older vlogs show him playing Rock Band, which gained him fame. In the videos, you can see his creation, the "sock mod", on the drums. 


Dez's most recent channel, AzuriteYT is the most active of the three. Playing games ranging from Facade to old-school Mario, Dez plays the widest variety of games on YouTube.

Latest Games Played>

  • Typing Of The Dead
  • Face Raiders
  • Facade
  • Heroes Of Dragon Age
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer
  • Pokémon Y
  • Happy Wheels
  • Cat Mario
  • Spiralsky
  • Demolition Company Gold


Dez is popular nearly all over world. In an interview, he stated that a fan of his invited him to Europe to play a song for him on his drums. He also stated that he's had death threats and marriage proposals. According to Dez, it's much more relatable to viewers if you can only see an arm or a foot of the person in the video, although he's expanded across that idea over the years. As a child, Dez made video games with his cousins, and played them on azuritereaction here . He's created videos with other YouTubers Sweetielise , The Game Station , Bermuda Triangle Entertainment , Travis Andre Ross , jonwalkup , CriousGamers , EatMyDiction1 , and TheCampingTree . He has made plans to create an appearance on a later episode of jacksfilms's Your Grammer Sucks.


Dez's "Sock Mod" on his Rock Band drums.

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