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तो ज़्यादा टाइम का चूतिया न काटते हुए, चल गुरु, हो जा शुरू!
Let's not waste anymore time and get into the video!


Amritpal Singh, (birthday: September 20) better known online as BAKCHODI wala TECH is an Indian YouTuber who posts informative videos on YouTube.


During the beginning of the channel, the biggest problem he had to face was due to Copyright Strikes. However, Amritpal had not violated a single YouTube community guideline. His videos got reported by his own friends, who had YouTube channels too, but were not growing at all. He also received some minor strikes from YouTube, because he used too much vulgarity in his videos. But at a point, his channel was almost to be closed, after which, he stopped using too much vulgarity.

It is believed that his intro, which is considered slightly vulgar because it contains the Hindi profane "Chutiya", is a remnant of his previous style of creating content.


Amritpal Singh is the owner of the channel BAKCHODI wala TECH, a second channel named Creative Bano, a vlogging and skit channel, and a third channel named BWT Plays, which is a gaming channel.  He makes mainly informative videos with a little cringe in it. Sometimes, he himself makes the videos funny so that he can put a little cringe in it. He also makes videos based on prominent mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle and Area 51 etc. 

He, like most Indian YouTubers, hardly reveals any information about himself. At first, he used to edit on a small laptop but now he edits on professional editing softwares on new laptops. During the Great Subscriber War, Amritpal supported T-Series, and even made a video telling his subscribers who were in favour of PewDiePie to unsubscribe from PewDiePie and subscribe to T-Series, since PewDiePie made offensive songs against T-Series like "Bitch Lasagna".

Kya Baat Hai

Kya Baat Hai (English: "Wow") is a series in which Amritpal shows about 10 random facts. It is likely inspired by FactTechz's Top Enigmatic Facts series. The intro for the series was previously the titular lyric from the Hindi song "Kya Baat Ay" by Hardy Sandhu, but is now a small skit in which a lady is shown to say the name of the song at the beginning of the music video.

At the end of the series, Amritpal asks a riddle, and posts the answer on his Instagram account, telling his viewers to comment if they "knew the answer or not".

BWT Plays

BWT Plays is Amritpal's second channel started by him exclusively for gaming. Currently, there is only a small number of videos on the channel. The first video was a PUBG video, which was predominantly a highlight of his gameplay. He got the idea for this channel from a comment by a subscriber of his, on one of his videos; he took that into consideration too.

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