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Brittany, better known online as BBPaws, is an American online YouTube personality most commonly known for doing Minecraft gameplay.

YouTube Channel

Britt joined YouTube on June 15, 2013 under the name of BrittanyBearPaws where she uploaded lifestyle videos and make-up tutorials, along with other things. On June 22, 2014 Britt created her gaming channel under the name Britt's Games. This name was later changed to BBPaws. The first video to be uploaded on this channel was a let's play video of Octodad Dadliest Catch, uploaded on July 14, 2014.

Britt also has a daily vlog channel named Press Record which she runs with her partner Mike, that gives an insight into what they do in their lives and other ventures they have. This is also accompanied with another channel which follows the lives of their pets, this channel is named Paw Record.

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