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BB Ki Vines has more than One Million Subscribers
BB Ki Vines has more than Five Million Subscribers
BB Ki Vines has more than Ten Million Subscribers
BB Ki Vines has more than Twenty Million Subscribers
BB Ki Vines has more than One Billion Views
BB Ki Vines creates comedy videos
BB Ki Vines is a Musician
BB Ki Vines is from India
BB Ki Vines is male
BB Ki Vines created their account in 2015
BB Ki Vines is a Content Creator on YouTube

Bhuvan Bam (born: January 22, 1994 (1994-01-22) [age 28]), better known online as BB Ki Vines, is an Indian YouTuber, musician and stage performer. Bhuvan is the first Indian individual YouTuber to cross 10 Million subscribers, yet he was surpassed by Amit Bhadana.

Most of the videos portray the different characters in Bhuvan's life such as his heavily tech-ignorant father and deeply sensitive mother who cries at the drop of a hat. There are different series as well such as Angry Masterji (Angry Teacher), Sameer Fuddi and Dr. Sehgal. He has also starred in the YouTube original series Dhindhora.[1]

Bhuvan Bam started making vines and YouTube videos after checking his new phone's camera. His videos became quite popular on YouTube very quickly, with each video reaching a million views and gaining a large amount of subscribers very quickly.


Despite the name of the channel, his videos aren't actually in a 6 second 'vine' format and are much longer. Most of his videos are comedy-oriented, while two or three serve to send a social message.

His videos have him dressing up as different characters (including females) and portraying their conversations in a humorous manner. One frame only has one character with there not yet being a single video to have two characters in the same frame at once. In the transition from one character to another, the voice is overlapped by him sometimes to give a more realistic feel of a conversation.

Early Life

Not much has been revealed about Bhuvan's life, neither through his videos nor through his Facebook page. Bhuvan was born in Baroda, Gujarat, India and did his early education in Green Fields School before alter attaining a degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

Second YouTube Channel

He started a second YouTube channel in 2009 which is less popular with over 190k subscribers, in which he uploads his composed music. His most popular video on this channel is Ban-Chod, which criticises the unscrupulous banning by the ruling government in India and pointing to the hypocritical attitude of the country's people.

Vine Characters

Sameer Fuddi

Sameer Fuddi can be recognized as one of the most humorous characters of all time. He pronounces "S" as "F" and "Ch" as "H". This leads to him saying the word "sex" as "fax [or fex]", and "shakh" [ENG: Doubt] as "F**k". Sameer, most of the time, revives Bhuvan from the villain, Mr. Hola. His common quote is "My grandfather loved Fuddi", which is a very absurd one. He has a habit of rubbing his thumb and index finger together on his nose when he says something vulgar. He always wears a black sunglass.

Titu Mama

Titu Mama is Bhuvan and Fuddi's uncle, who relieves the kids from Hola. He always acts to be serious, but jokes off Babloo and Janaki He appears with a bold moustache. He is often the one to make jokes with dark humour at unfortunate moments. He shows very little respect towards his sister and Babloo.


Babloo is Bhuvan's father. He is fooled by the "children" very often due to his straight personality. He is always poked by Sameer with vulgarity, which Babloo does not understand, and Bhuvan has to wrap it up for him an a standard manner. He always wears a muffler around his neck, no matter how hot it is.


Janaki is Bhuvan's mother. She always appears with a scarf wrapped around her face. She is often afraid of Babloo cheating on her, which, instead, is rare. She just says the word "Ok" with an Indian side-nod gesture. Babloo is irritated by her monotonous cry, and tries to prevent her from crying.

Banchod Das

Banchod Das is Bhuvan's friend. He stays neutral and most of the quarrels among Babloo, Sameer and Bhuvan. His name is derived from the Hindi profane "Bancho". He often accompanies what he says, with the word "Bancho" at the end. This also sparks quarrels between Bhuvan and Babloo.


  • 2016: WebTVAsia Awards in Most Popular Channel On YouTube
  • 2019: Official Instagram Awards in Entertainer Of The Year
  • 2019: World Bloggers Award in Global Entertainer Of The Year


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