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BMARSZ makes beauty videos
BMARSZ is a Vlogger
BMARSZ is from the United States
BMARSZ is female
BMARSZ created their account in 2012
BMARSZ is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Brittany Deanne Marsicek, better known online as BMARSZ, is an American YouTuber, dancer, and actress. Her main channel has over 25,000 subscribers.   BMarsz is a trained, professional dancer, with a BFA from Point Park University. She dances on tour with the Ultra Angels and posts vlogs from Ultra Concerts all over the world.

She also has a MukBang channel with Chanty, called Mukbang Monday.  That channel has 40,000 subscribers. She uploaded her first video on May 7, 2013. She is currently dating MaxNoSleeves.  They live together in Hollywood.