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Baby Big Mouth is a Canadian YouTube channel that shows children's entertainment. The people who run the channel also run three other channels, Baby Big Mouth - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, Big Mouth Academy and Sweet Science TV.


Baby Big Mouth

The main basis of this channel shows simple games and openings relating to surprise eggs. Much of the content shown specifically is sing-along songs, phonics-fun interactive games and the "Surprise Egg Learn-A-Word" spelling series.

Baby Big Mouth - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Though this has the same name as its more successful counterpart, it is more focused on music and animation. Children can be taught about proper nutrition, exercise, manners, hygiene, animals, history, science, language, letters, colours, numbers and so much more through their songs.

Big Mouth Academy

Big Mouth Academy is more learning-focused than the last two channels mentioned. It includes lessons in spelling, reading, math, shapes, colours, matching and more.

Sweet Science TV

Sweet Science TV is targeted towards older audiences and is science-oriented, its mascot is a flask named Benjamin Beaker.

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