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Baby Shark Official, also known as Baby Shark Brooklyn, is a side channel created by Pinkfong themed entirely around the popular song and character, Baby Shark. It is one of two side channels currently managed by Pinkfong, the other being Hogi! Pinkfong - Learn & Play. Both were created in 2019.


Following the original Baby Shark music video becoming viral in 2018, Pinkfong started putting more of it's focus specifically on content themed around Baby Shark. As a result, Baby Shark became a major focus of the Pinkfong brand. On November 5, 2019 the Baby Shark Official YouTube Channel was created to give fans of the song more content.

What the channel produces

Unlike the main channel, Baby Shark Official focuses entirely on content themed around Baby Shark, his family, and his friends. The channel usually consists of videos which were previously uploaded on the main channel, but some exclusive content have been uploaded as well.

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