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Darryl Noveschosch, better known online as BadBoyHalo, is an American YouTuber. His channel mainly consists of Minecraft videos and Story Time. BadBoyHalo is often compared to Skeppy and probably Zelkam when it comes to content. He sometimes also used A6d for content, and they are friends, like Skeppy and Bad. Bad is often trolled by his friend, Skeppy either on MunchyMC or InvadedLands. His friends are Skeppy, a6d, Zelkam, and many more. BadBoyHalo owns a channel alongside Skeppy and a6d called The Trio where they post podcasts and stream together.

Minecraft PVP

Bad was a notable admin while McPVP was still around, MunchyMC opened around when McPVP was shutdown. While the domain still lives ( some of their subdomains redirect your to certain gamemodes on the new replacement of McPVP which is now Brawl

Brawl bought out McPVP when the owner Kurtis Welch had issues keeping the servers up from financial issues. Kurtis had to pay the server host out of his own pocket. Due to finacial issues Kurtis decided to sell McPVP to Chaploo he owns all the domains but since he is busy with Fortnite another owner is taking care of Brawl (chickenputty) He owns all assets to the server while Chap owns all domains.

Chap bought out McPVP for approximently $95,000 he bought the following servers CTF, Build, HG, Hardcore (now called Raid)


Bad has a Minecraft server called MunchyMC ( with over 100+ players and various gamemodes. MunchyMC has been slowly replacing some of MCPVP's gamemodes such as KitPVP ( now redirects you to MunchyMC's KitPVP server.


BadBoyHalo streams every Saturday. He is known to get very angry when people call him names such as "Baldy", "BaldBoyHalo" or when one of his stream admins Callahan changes the donation sound to something annoying. Callahan has changed the sound to BadBoyHalo saying "ding" several times. Bad also gets angry when he recieves a large donation as his policy is usually $2 dollars.





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