BakaShift focuses on Anime
BakaShift is a Vlogger
BakaShift is from England
BakaShift is male
BakaShift created their account in 2012
BakaShift is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Alain, better known online as BakaShift, was an English YouTube anime reviewer, known for his lengthy anime reviews, his BakaShots (shorter views on anime), and his videos on the OKKO Anime Club, which is an anime club that he is a part of. He often works with fellow anime reviewers BizarreJelly5 and Animelting, and the three of them, at the beginning of every anime season, does a video series where they talk about the upcoming anime of the season, one video going on each of their channels; this video series is known as 'TeamBakaMeltingJelly'.

After he shut down his channel, he became the video editor for Gigguk.

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