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banoffee2013 is an English YouTube gamer and artist. She is currently best known for her appearances on StacyPlays's Minecraft UHC series, UHShe, where she has been a recurring participant since Season 5. She is a very secretive person and has never shown her face or mentioned her real name on camera. She also live streams frequently, mostly joining her fans on public Minecraft servers. She was also a devoted member of Team³, along with iVexusHDBasicallyBeaRealSquigGamesKai Ross-BestPipiyeh, and Lolalove33. She has a twin brother who goes by Charizard4261.

Personal Life

Banoffee keeps her personal life extremely private, and never goes into much detail on it. She once uploaded a fake face reveal on April 1st, which featured a friend of hers instead of her, as a joke to play on her viewers, as she has not yet done an official face reveal.

Channel Content

Speed Arts

A series Banoffee used to upload more back in 2015, her Speed Art videos have recently reappeared on her channel feed.

Survival Games

The series with the most videos is—as of now—her Survival Games captures on Mineplex. She usually uses these short videos to discuss channel updates or other information to notify her viewers. She is sometimes joined by Sentinal_X, a good friend of hers.

Minecraft: Story Mode (Ended)

Another very short series of hers was Minecraft: Story Mode. She played through the first episode, and upon completing the episode, never acknowledged it afterwards. This was back in 2016, so she may or may not play through it again.

Iridescent SMP

This was a Survival series with a few friends of hers. It only lasted 21 episodes but was a memorable experience for her channel.
Banoffee2013 Old

Banoffee's old Channel Icon

Iridescent UHC

With the same people in Iridescent SMP, this series was just the same as an average UHC. Though it did give Banoffee a chance to improve before UHShe.

There were also 2 other Seasons, and Banoffee joined for each one. They also haven't mentioned anything about ending the series, so its status is unknown.


This is by far Banoffee's most notable series. She first appeared in Season 5 because Pipiyeh—an aquaintance of Banoffee's and a recurring participant of UHShe—told Stacy that she couldn't make it that season, so in a rush, she reached out to Banoffee, and Banoffee has said that she was incredibly excited when that happened. She did fairly well that Season, teamed with AshleyMarieeGaming.

Banoffee returned again in Season 6, alongside Piper, confirming the fact that Banoffee would continue as a recurring contestant. In that Season, all by herself, she got her first kill, lasted 9 episodes, and wound up as the winner. This resulted in a large wave of subscribers to her channel, getting to around 1,000 more. 

She has stayed in UHShe ever since, and a long time later, she found herself teamed with StacyPlays, the creator of the series. Stacy had never won a Season of the entire series up to then, but at the final battle, the two found themselves at a lack of Diamond Armor, cornered on a tree, up against BasicallyBea and ThePinkDiamondDiva, who both had full Diamond armor (though PinkDiamondDiva has forgotten to pick up diamond leggings and only had iron ones). PinkDiamondDiva killed Stacy and her wolf, and tried to kill Banoffee, but Banoffee knocked her down. When Bea tried to get her as well, Banoffee shot her off the tree, which killed her. Banoffee had only two hearts left at that time, and she proceeded to tunnel through the tree, keeping away from PinkDiamondDiva, who was trying to ambush her. Finally, she broke through the tree and tried to kill Banoffee, but she shot her with the bow, which killed her, and Banoffee won. She made sure that it counted as a team effort for Stacy, which made it her first win. This got Banoffee to 6,000 subscribers really quickly.

The Sims 4 (Ended)

Banoffee uploaded 3 videos of her Sims series, where she made herself, and an older sister. She abruptly stopped making these for an unknown reason. She never even seemed to remember this series after that.

Flux UHC

She also appeared on another UHC run by BasicallyBea, but not much is known about this series. She also returned for the Second Season.

Welly UHC

She appeared in yet another UHC series along with Kai Ross-Best, where they won together. The current status of this series is unknown.


  • Her name originates from "banoffee pie" a popular dessert in the United Kingdom.
    • However, the real reason that she used this name is because she had a hamster named Banoffee that had passed away.
  • Her favorite color is blue, preferably light blue.
  • Her favorite game is Minecraft.
  • Her Channel Icon was created by @Inkbun on Twitter.
  • She is aquainted with the popular YouTube animator, GetMadz.
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