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Barbara Horvat (born: April 22, 1992 (1992-04-22) [age 28]), better known online as Barbara4u2c, is a Slovenian YouTuber and actress who does commentary vlogs on politics and current events. Her vlogs tend to demonstrate the comedic differences between America and Europe, particularly her home nation of Slovenia. She likes to make opinion on a specific topic and also likes to use her words to make people upset. She once explained that she might die for being sarcastic at the wrong time (according to her Patreon). 

Some of her most popular YouTube videos on her main channel include "Slovene curse words & How to offend someone in Slovenian" and "Good old times, when Slovenia was still part of Russia."

Biography & Career

Barbara was born in a small country in Europe called Slovenia. Her first appearance on a stage was when she was 7 and it's that very first role that made her want to become an actress. She regularly attended theatrical extra curricular activities throughout middle and high school and worked on some projects in commercial print, new media and student films.

She originally started posting videos to YouTube in 2007. She began to gain a following posting the comedic series "The Day I Met..." which featured her hypothetical meetings with celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Megan Fox.

Her first appearance on TV was a recurring role in 2015 as a rebellious teenager Ingrid in a TV show called "Razred zase" that aired on RTV Slovenia. 2015 was also she year she moved to Los Angeles to persue her dreams.

In 2017 she finished her 2 years of intense training at a performing arts conservatory The American Academy of Dramatic arts where she was cast in variety of different roles, including ditsy and goofy Scrub in The Beaux' stratagem, a comedy from 18th century. In between studies she worked on some student thesis films and internet projects.

In 2018 she booked a recurring role in the upcoming web-series The Vervainya project.


  • She became a vegetarian in 2002.
  • She is close friends with fellow YouTube vlogger Jaclyn Glenn.
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