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Barry is an Australian YouTuber who is well known for having a current live-stream challenge against Larry to see who will get the most subscribers between the two. The live-stream consist of the active subscriber count of both of these channels, and this channel mirrors Larry's channel in the content that is produced to form a rivalry with one another.

There are videos that consist of helping with the support of gaining more subscribers, and Barry encourages more people to subscribe in these videos.


Barry claimed that he did not expect people to watch the live-stream so closely and gain the current amount of subscribers, and he was at a disadvantage since Larry had one subscriber while Barry had zero subscribers that the beginning of the live-stream. Various YouTubers have either supported Barry or Larry such as JackSucksAtLife supporting Larry in a video, and some posts on Twitter support one side or the other side.

There is more information about the challenge on this article.

He remains more active on the community tab, and he might use the boast from the subscriber war to get to a new path. He plans to upload soon. Barry currently has overtaken Larry by a mile.

Barry is an alternative account of Larry. Larry is the Editor for famous youtube sensation Muselk ]

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