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basicallybea, or simply Bea, is an English Minecraft and variety gaming YouTuber, vlogger and LGBTQ+ rights activist who was formerly in the YOGSCAST network. She is transgender and actively speaks out openly in support of the LGBTQ+ community. She lives in England, UK and was born in Yorkshire. Bea is also known for recording with some of YouTube's largest gaming creators, e.g., Stacyplays, SethBling, YOGSCAST Kim and LDShadowLady to name a few. She is also a member of a popular UHC series called UHShe--an all-female UHC group. Her second channel (created for real-life vlogs) gained over 1,000 subscribers in the first few weeks of creation.

Bea was an active Minecraft PvP YouTuber and hosts her own UHCs such as Flux UHC, Welly UHC and Atlantis UHC which she co-owns with Galaxies18. Currently, she mostly uploads content from SMPs.

She actively works with fellow creator friends. To name a few: Galaxies18, ElliottWoofWoof, GeorginaMarie95, EyezakGames, dilEmmaGames and UlaGrey.

On July 10, 2017, Bea announced that she has joined the Yogscast, saying that it is "one of my biggest dreams coming true". Within the same week, she has also become an official Twitch partner. She left the YOGSCAST in January of 2020 explaining that she "stuck out like a sore thumb" being in the YOGSCAST.

In early 2020, She has joined SMPs such as Project SiMP and SMP Earth which is mostly focused on her Twitch channel.


UHShe has been one of the most popular series featured on Bea's channel. Pip3r and RealSquig recommended to Stacy that Bea should join UHShe. Bea first participated in Season 4 of StacyPlays' UHShe, which also made her the first transgender participant in UHShe. After her debut, she has never missed a single season.

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