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Bbno$ is a Musician
Bbno$ is from Canada
Bbno$ is male
Bbno$ created their account in 2017
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Alexander Gumuchian (born: June 30, 1994 (1994-06-30) [age 26]), better known as online bbno$ (pronounced Baby No Money), is a Canadian rapper best known for his 2019 hit single "Lalala" with American rapper and record producer Ari Starace, better known as Y2K.

Early life

Alexander was born on June 30th, 1994 in Vancouver, Canada. He was homeschooled before going to high school, his mother encouraged him to learn the piano but he always struggled with Music Theory. Alexander claims he was good with rhythm and enjoyed playing Djembe's but he never started listening to music recreationally until he was 15.

First steps

Bbno$ started to get in to the music business when he sustained  a back injury which prevented him from persuing his lifelong dream; being a professional swimmer. He became especially interested in rap after experimenting with Garage Band and made a group with his friends called the Broke Boy Gang who then broke up after Six months of performing live. Alexander then started to release songs to his Soundcloud under the moniker bbnomula after which he gained millions of streams and followers, he blew up in popularity in China after doing a few live shows there; it was at that time Alexander decided to change his name to bbno$. Bbno$ released his first EP in collaboration with Yung Gravy called "Baby Gravy" in 2017 before releasing his debut studio album "bb steps". He then released his second collaboration in 2018 with So Loki titled "whatever".

Later years

On June 7, 2019 Alexander along with Ari Starace or Y2K released "Lalala", the most popular song Alexander produced. On January 25, 2019 Bbno$ released his second studio album called "recess". The album was themed around the popular disney show of the same name. The album had such songs has jurrasic, stucco, banana and most known of all "nursery" which has gone on to be eventually used as part of a Tik Tok trend where the song was mixed with a snippet of the english dub of "Danganronpa: The Animation" where a boy states that anime is a significant part of Japan's culture the person who the boy is speaking to "Junko Enoshima" one of the main characters insults the boy and then laughs claiming that the boy's going to burst a blood vessel after all she did was diss his waifu.


  • He frequently collaborates with his friend and rapper Y2K.
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