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Be. Busta was an anonymous Australian YouTuber who made horror-style videos in a read-aloud format. All his videos featured supposedly true horror stories from either Reddit or his subscribers. He created his YouTube channel in January 2015. In August 2017, he announced that he would no longer be uploading videos to YouTube due to YouTube reducing his advert revenue by 95% (referred to as the "adpocalypse") and his opinion that YouTube was no longer willing to support creators like him. In 2017 he created a channel on where he posts his normal horror content, as well as gaming videos. His Twitch channel remains active, unlike his YouTube channel.


Other than the occasional life update or subscriber milestone video, Be. Busta's channel mainly focused on horror related topics.

His videos were audio-only, except for a picture added to accompany each story. Occasionally, Be. Busta would add eerie music to create an atmosphere in his videos. He typically uploaded 2-3 videos per week, although he never had an established schedule.

Personal life

Not too much is known about Be. Busta. Although he has revealed his face, he has not yet revealed his name. His age is also unknown. He is Australian, although it is unknown which region he resides in.

Be. Busta has revealed that he has a family, including a daughter. From the beginning of YouTube's "adpocalypse" Be. Busta struggled with financial difficulties, which he discussed in numerous videos on his YouTube channel. He also mentioned that prior to the adpocalypse he temporarily quit his job to focus on YouTube, but resumed his job after his YouTube revenue was no longer enough to support him and his family.